Sunday, September 13 for coronavirus infection rates, cases and deaths

Sunday, September 13 for coronavirus infection rates, cases and deaths

Wells has recorded more than 160 positive cases of coronavirus for the second day in a row.

Public Health Wells (PhW) revealed that on Sunday, September 12, 162 new labs of the virus were confirmed.

It dropped slightly to 144 cases on Saturday but to 130 in Friday.

This would take the country’s weekly transmission rate to 21.4 per 100,000 people – the day before and in the past 20.3 up quarantine was imposed on foreigners.

Kerfili remains the region of Wales with the highest number of cases per 100,000 population of 85,000.

At the start of the epidemic, Sunday’s figures put the total number of cases in Wales at 19,390.

Thankfully, the death of the Covid-19 was not reported by the PhW again. So far, no deaths have been reported in September from people who were infected with the coronavirus last month. On August 31, two people died with the Covid-19.

This Friday’s full details:

  • News of death today: 0
  • Cases reported today: 162 (down from 164 the day before)
  • Number of new tests: 11,224 (above 10,337)
  • Total deaths in Wales with lab-confirmed coronavirus: 1,597

These are the maximum seven-day rolling total areas in the new case. All statistics reported as adaptation cases for the population (per 100,000 people):

Kerfili: 85 (below)

Merthyr Tydfil: 56.4 (unchanged)

Newport: 43.3 (above)

Rhonda Sinon Taf: 48.5 (above)

Capacity: 26.4 (up)

Blaena Gaunt: 18.6 (above)

Rexham: 15.4 (down)

Bridge: 15.6 (above)

Flintshire: 15.4 (above)

Conve: 14.5 (above)

Cardiff: 12.5 (below)

Denbighshire: 12.5 (above)

Sardigion: 12.4 (below)

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Carmarthenshire: 11.1 (down)

Anglesey: 10 (above)

Guined: 9..6 (below)

Turfen: 9.6 (above)

Neth Port Talbot: 9.8 (down)

Swansea: 9.9 (above)

Pembrokeshire: 5.6 (down)

Glamorgan Valley: 5.2 (down)

Monmouthshire: 3.2 (unchanged)

Wales: 20.3 (above)

Here is the map of today’s confirmed case

On Sunday, Rondda Sinon Taf (RCT) recorded the most positive events out of 47, followed by Carfield 31, Newport 15 and Cardiff 14.

Nine new cases have been recorded in Flinshire, six in Powers and Bridgand, four in Turfen, Merithar Tidphil and Swansea, three in Knight Port Talbot, Blaine Gowant and Denbighshire, two in English, Rexam, two in Glamorgan, and one in Pembrokeshire and Pembrokeshire. .

There were no new cases for everyone in Monmouthshire, Gwynedd and Seredigian.

Due to a growing number of lawsuits, residents of Rhonda Sinon Taf and Marthier Tidfill are being asked to limit their use of public transport to education, work, necessary medical appointments and food purchases.

Locals are also being advised not to visit care homes unless it is the end of life. In this case full PPE will be required.

Meanwhile, Carefly County Twelve has been under lockdown since the last snowfall.

New arrangements are also being introduced across Wales from Monday.

Dr Christopher Williams, director of the novel Coronavirus Outbreak in Public Health Wells, said: “Public Health Wales welcomes the new steps taken by the Welsh Government on Monday, 14 September to prevent further growth in positive coronavirus cases.

“This includes more than 11 people being required to wear face masks in public places such as shops and only six people can be seen inside the house.

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“As soon as the children return to school, I realize that parents will be concerned about reporting positive cases. I urge you to follow the advice of the school or local authorities and withdraw from school only when the children are asked to do so.” Designed to prevent the spread of disease without the established ‘bubbles’.

“Again, it is important that children maintain regular hand washing throughout the day and return home, and that parents need this assistance.”

He added: “We are now seeing a steady increase in the number of communities across Wales and our investigation has found that many of these have been transmitted due to a lack of social distance.

“As a result, the virus has spread to other groups.

“We urge everyone to remember this, even if you think you will not be badly affected by Covid-19 if you test positive, whether you have it in older or more at-risk family members, friends or colleagues. Gone? It can be extremely deadly and even fatal.

“The coronavirus did not go away. Everyone has a responsibility to help prevent the spread of the virus: it isolates itself when asked to do so by staying two meters away from others and washing its hands regularly. “

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