Sunday, December 6, Coronavirus infection rates, cases and deaths for all parts of Wales

In Wales, 14 more people have died of coronavirus and more than 1,900 positive cases have been confirmed.

The latest figures released by Public Health Wales (PhW) on Sunday, December and December show that 1,91 Wa tested positive for the virus in Wales during the last reporting period.

Since the onset of the outbreak, it has brought the number of positive tests to 6,992 and 2,70,009 deaths in Wales with the lab-confirmed coronavirus.

The rate of infection across Wales now stands at 279.5 per 100,000 people on a seven-day basis until 3 December This is an increase from 262.3 on Saturday.

  • News of the death today: 14
  • Cases reported today: 1,916
  • Number of tests conducted: 19,577 (up to 17,339 on Saturday)
  • Total deaths in Wales with lab-confirmed coronavirus: 2,709

Knight Port Talbot Local authorities with the highest infection rate in Wales with a seven-day rate 556.8 Per 100,000 population, up from 509.4 the previous day.

Blaena Gowent It has the second highest rate 489.5 More than 478.1 on Saturday for every 100,000 population.

Merthyr Tydfil Is the third with 436 Cases per 100,000 population, more than 421 on Saturday.

Cardiff Sunday saw the highest number of newly confirmed positive cases, with 240, followed by Ronda Sinon Taf with 299.

Swansea has 217 new cases, followed by 179 with Kerfili, 145 with Neth Port Talbot, 127 with Newport, 126 with Bridgand and Carmarthenshire with 112.

Other local authorities have a significant number of lawsuits, including Torfen 822, Blaena Gowant 644, Glamorgan Valley 622, Merithier Tidfill 49, Flintshire 4 with, Pembrokeshire 43 and Monmouthshire 38.

Those reporting under the age of 30 include Warexham with 25, Povis with 24, Denbighshire with 20, Conway with 18, Seridizion with 11, Guinead with nine and Angles with two.

100,000 per case for seven days of rolling (November 27 to December 3)

Anurin Bevan University Health Board

Blaena Gowant: 489.5 (above 478.1)

Turfen: 392.7 (above 371.4)

Newport: 376.3 (up from 352.2)

Kerfili: 381.6 (above 341.8)

Monmouthshire: 248.4 (above 245.3)

Betsy Cadwalder University Health Board

Warexam: 203 (above 200.8)

Flinshire: 127.5 (up from 119.2)

Anglesey: 51.4 (below 77.1)

Denbighshire: 81.5 (above 72.1)

Conve: 53.8 (above 46.1)

Guinea: 43.4 (above 39.3)

Cardiff and Valley University Health Board

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Cardiff: 313.7 (up from 287.3)

Glamorgan Valley: 220.1 (up to 204.4)

CWM Taf Glamorgan University Health Board

Merthyr Tydfil: 436 (up to 421)

Rhonda Sinon Taf: 377.2 (above 368.5)

Bridge: 316.2 (up to 280.2)

Hael DDA University Health Board

Carmarthenshire: 262.2 (up from 243.2)

Pembrokeshire: 168.5 (up from 153.4)

Sardijion: 159.6 (up from 154.1)

Powers Teaching Health Board

Powers: 89.9 (up from 89.1)

Swansea Bay University Health Board

Neth Port Talbot: 556.8 (above 509.4)

Swansea: 404.5 (up from 383.4)

Wales Total – 279.5 (up from 262.3)

Dr Chris Williams, director of the coronavirus outbreak in the novel Public Health Weil, said: “The new Welsh government’s bans came into effect on Friday evening, covering the field of travel and hospitality.

“People living in Wales cannot travel to three levels in England or three or more areas in Scotland. In these circumstances travel outside Wales is permitted only in limited circumstances such as work or education.

“People you don’t live with can’t come to your home unless you create an extended family (or” bubble “) with them (except in very limited circumstances).

“Pubs, restaurants, bars and cafes need to be closed at evenings without takeaway services, and will not be able to supply alcohol.

“Indoor entertainment venues such as cinemas, bingo halls, soft play centers and bowling alleys must be closed from the same date, such as museums, galleries and heritage sites must attract internal visitors.”

He added: “It is now clear from the data that coronavirus cases are on the rise in most parts of Wales, in stark contrast to the downward trend we observed as a result of the fire break.

“We urge the public to observe the rules and limit their contact with other people as much as possible so that we can all work together to reduce the number of positive cases.

“It means staying out of the other person’s home, limiting the amount of time you spend meeting them, maintaining social distance and hand health, working from home if you can and showing signs of the virus or asking yourself Either way, do it yourself with isolated contact tracers.

“Public Health Wells urges everyone to follow the rules, to avoid coronavirus infection and to protect everyone in our community, including the most at risk.

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“Holiday time is important for those who want to be with loved ones on special holidays across Wales, especially after a very difficult year, but we would like to remind everyone that we must take personal responsibility to limit the spread of the virus and protect our loved ones. Be weak or extremely weak. To many, this means that the way you usually celebrate Christmas is not possible

“We understand that people want to do their Christmas shopping at this time of year. We will try to visit the shops during off-peak hours, always keep a social distance and if you can, keep your face covered. Options like ‘click and collect’ or online purchase may also be something to consider.

“The Medicines and Health Care Product Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has now approved the first COVID-19 vaccine as safe and effective, based on detailed independent expert reviews of evidence from large-scale clinical trials.

“The Pfizer Bioentech vaccine is the first to receive MHRA clearance in the UK and 40 million doses of this vaccine will soon be available for delivery across the UK, with its allocation based on Wales population.

“This is welcome news, but the effects of the vaccine have not been seen nationally for months, and it is important that everyone continue to advise on keeping Wales safe; Keep contact with other people to a minimum, keep a distance of 2 meters from others, wash your hands regularly, cover your face as needed, and dissociate yourself if asked to do so.

“Due to the high number of positive cases of turfine, the Anurin Bevan University Health Board is operating several mobile CVD-19 testing units across turfine. The mobile units will provide a walk-up testing service for nearby residents and more details can be found on Turfen Council and ABU HB social media.

“Residents of Torfen who have coronavirus or even mild symptoms, fever, persistent cough or loss of taste or smell or feel generally ill should call 0300 30 31 222 or go to a Exam booking exam.

“Public Health Wells is encouraging all those who live, work or study at Marty’s Tidfill to join the retirement center’s mass testing service soon in their spare time, even if they are not exhausted.

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“Thanks to those who have already taken part and taken a test, because it will help break the discipline of conduct in our area. However, for the exercise to be as successful as possible, we need to test as many people as possible in our area.”

“For more information on test practice, visit the MTCBC website.

“Anyone 11+ can be tested without any symptoms, but children under the age of 18 need parental consent. The more people are tested, the more likely we are to reduce the spread of the virus.

“If you or a member of your family develops coronavirus symptoms such as cough, fever or changes in taste or smell, you should immediately isolate yourself and book a free coronavirus test by calling 119 or clicking here.

“We acknowledge that many people face more challenges in life that result in mental health problems. There are a number of agencies that provide help and support, including the helpline called 0800 132 737, which will refer callers to the most suitable organization according to their needs.

“If you have a serious mental health problem or are thinking of committing suicide, please call the Samaritans at 116 123 for free. If you need any help or are worried about your loved one, you can also get advice and guidance on our website

“NHS Wales is still here to help you if you need care, and for emergency appointments it is important that you attend the appointments and seek help for emergency treatment. Your local surgeon, dentist, optometrist or healthcare provider has called you in advance and followed any instructions to protect you and staff, so you need to keep 2m away from other patients.

“Supportive advice and support is available through the NHS Covid-19 app. In addition to providing warnings if someone has been infected with the coronavirus, the application will also inform you of the current risk level in your area.

“Information about coronavirus symptoms is available on the Public Health Wales website, or through the NHS 111 Wales symptom tester.”

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