Sunbreak will deserve a new presentation on May 10th

at the last minute Digital Event Monster Hunter, capcom took the opportunity to talk in detail about the sunbreak Of monster hunter rise, by exclusively revealing the release date of this new adventure. As we get closer to the release of this new content, the Japanese publisher wants to talk to us once again about sunbreak With a new presentation full of gameplay and information.

expand will expand its content

Capcom gives us an appointment for To follow a new digital program on May 10th at 4pm which focuses exclusively on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, The publisher then specifies that we will be able to watch gameplay videos, which will include descriptions of the monsters that will be honed in this extension.

Everything will be presented by the director yoshitake suzuki, and will follow on the official Capcom channel. It is not yet known how long the presentation will be, but it, like the previous one, should be rich in detail and therefore not to be missed if you are a fan of the base game.

monster hunter rise sunbreak Will release on June 30th on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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