Sudan remembers ambassador to Ethiopia amid rising tensions

#Other Countries Sudan on Sunday announced the recall of its ambassador to neighboring Ethiopia after Addis Ababa rejected a Sudanese mediation initiative to negotiate a ceasefire in the deadly conflict-stricken Tigre region.

Sudan’s foreign ministry said in a statement that Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok wanted “all Ethiopian parties to reach a ceasefire agreement and engage in political dialogue.”

Addis Ababa last week accused Sudan of “infiltrating” its territory, “weakening” the bonds of trust with some Sudanese officials.

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Ethiopia’s federal government and the Tigre People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) have been at loggerheads in the northern Ethiopian state since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed sent troops against disgruntled regional authorities last November.

According to the United Nations, tens of thousands have emigrated to Sudan, fleeing a conflict that has killed thousands and pushed 400,000 to starvation.

In addition, tensions between the two countries have risen in recent months over border disputes over the fertile al-Fashga region, where Ethiopian farmers settled before being displaced by Sudanese forces in November. But elections are fought in the region.

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Ethiopia’s prime minister’s spokesman Billin Seyuma said last week that a situation that must be “fully remedied” before Sudan can be considered as a “credible” mediator.

In its statement, Sudanese diplomacy said it “followed” Ethiopian denial of “Sudanese aid”, dismissing official Ethiopian statements, qualifying as “baseless allegations” and calling its ambassador to Ethiopia for “consultation”. announced the recall.

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Relations between the two countries are also being affected by the standoff in talks on the Great Renaissance Dam (GERD) built by Addis Ababa on the Nile.

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