Sudan: “positive” signs for withdrawal of international support, says Burhan

Sudan: “positive” signs for withdrawal of international support, says Burhan

General Abdel Fattah al-Burhane, author of the 25 October put up, said on Saturday he believed in a speedy resumption of international support in Sudan, where he assured in an interview with AFP, politicians of all forces – military included – Will be able to compete in the 2023 elections.

In 2019, when the military deposed Omar al-Bashir under street pressure, civilians and soldiers engaged in a transition should only hand power to civilians and then lead to the first free elections after 30 years of dictatorship. -Islamic.

About a month after the coup, civilian Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok signed a deal with the army chief that allowed him to regain his position, but at the cost of two more years of General Burhan being among the key transitional officers.

So the soldiers will remain in power until the elections to be held in July 2023. And will the military or paramilitary forces be able to stand at that time? “Yes”, replied General Burhan to AFP, who has already said he will not be the candidate.

The elections would thus be open to all, including members of the military and the Rapid Support Force (FSR) of General Burhan’s second General Mohamed Hamdan Dagallo in the Sovereignty Council, the highest interim authority in Sudan.

– “New Political Charter” –

Nearly six weeks after the coup – which General Burhan describes as “turning the tide of the revolution” of 2019 – Sudan, one of the world’s poorest countries, is no longer receiving any World Bank aid. is and is still suspended from the African Union.

But, assures the army chief, who quickly replaced himself as head of the Sovereignty Council, “the international community, especially the African Union, is monitoring what will happen in the coming days”.

“I think there are positive signs for normalcy to return soon, the formation of a civilian government will inevitably help,” he added, while Mr Hamdok is expected to present a list soon. All ministers, according to General Burhane, are “technocrats”.

Whereas in 2019, the men and women involved in the transition promised to step aside after the election, the 2020 peace deal with rebel groups “guaranteed the rights of participants in the transition”, following the transition, the military Chief says today.

Until then, he continues, “we are working on a new political charter” to frame the transition and that “all political forces” will participate in its drafting, which has put after care to remove it from the sheet of paper. did, swears to him. Route any mention of Political Forces for Freedom and Change (FLC), a pro-civic bloc.

– mobilized the road –

The international community, which globally condemned the “coup” in October, welcomed the agreement between Gen Burhane and Mr Hamdok in late November, though calls on officials to do more to resume support for it. asked for

Thus the United Nations regularly calls for the release of all civilians – leaders, protesters and activists – who have been arrested since 25 October.

Some reappear almost every day, but dozens of families are left without news of their loved ones.

The international community is also calling for the creation of institutions that should have been created months ago – such as parliament or the Supreme Court – to restart the transition.

Several civil society organizations, evicted by ministers and protestors who continued to agitate, continued to condemn the November 21 agreement, accusing Mr Hamdok of “treason” and General Burhan of reinstating figures from the former Bashir regime. .

Only these supporters of civic power have been demanding justice for 44 dead and hundreds of injured in demonstrations since October 25, according to a report prepared by a union of pro-democracy doctors.

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