Such is the case in Eurovision songs from Estonia, Denmark and Portugal.

Italy picked one winner of the Sanremo Music Festival, but not immediately an act for the Eurovision song contest. Uku Suvist from Estonia is coming to Rotterdam in a few months with the song ‘The Lucky One’. He would also have been an Estonian entry last year, again with the song ‘What Love Is’.

In Denmark, the pair Fair & Flame were chosen for the Dance Melody Grand Prix event. During the song festival, the pair singve os på hinanden ‘(Practice each other) Belongs to.

Portugal is presenting a full English-language song for the first time in history: ‘Love is on my side It will be performed by The Black Mamba in May, as became known after the finals of the Portuguese festival Da Canco.

In Italy, the rock band Maenskin was voted the winner of the Sanremo concert. However, this does not directly mean that the band represents Italy in the Eurovision song contest in Rotterdam. Which will be announced later. For example, Francesca Michelin came in second place in 2016, but was allowed to participate on the Italian side at the time after the winner of the rock band Stadio – she thanked him.

A few weeks ago there was also a so-called Super Saturday. Then Norway, Finland and Spain selected their entries for the Eurovision song contest.

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