Subscription Sharing: Netflix is ​​testing a screw tightening

Netflix has never tried much to annoy users who “lend” their usernames and passwords to loved ones to take advantage of their registered subscriptions. This “altruistic” attitude may end if the experiment started by the service a few days ago spreads to the rest of the world. When logging into Netflix, a message will appear to ensure that the person in front of the screen is a subscriber. An e-mail or SMS verification system accomplishes all of this.

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The notification also specifies that if the person does not live with the account owner, it will be necessary to create another one to continue the service’s programs. Netflix then offers a subscription to benefit from the free 30-day trial period. Spotify has a very restricted vision of the family that is staying with the client, this situation, where everyone will have to live under the same roof.

« This test is designed to ensure that people using Netflix accounts are allowed to do so. », Explains the company for the site Well thought out. Without technical details, it is difficult to say whether the individuals in question should all have the same IP address. Since this is an experiment, there is nothing to say that the platform really matters and tightens the bolt on subscription sharing.

Nevertheless, Netflix has certainly taken into account the results of a study by the company Magid, which revealed last year that a third of Netflix customers lent their credibility. Such a low subscription …

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