Sub-zero temperatures and low levels of snow in Britain and France [MAPPE]

In Europe these days, after registering very high temperatures, a strong cold wave It will break into the continent from the north, causing it to collide. British Isles During the holidays Easter. Very cold air of polar origin will rise in Europe, which will bring down the temperature -10 ° C E in the UK Name On the continent, with blizzards in some mountainous areas and up to the plains.

The mass of extremely cold air will descend to the Alps, hitting it more intensely British Isles, Norway, Denmark, Benelux, France, Germany, Alpine Countries, Spain Northern and Northern Italy. Cold conditions are expected to occur around 10 April, but the arrival of the cold air will begin on Monday 5 April (see the map in the sliding gallery above).

The uk

According to the Meteorological Office of the UK Meteorological Service, mercury has reached + 23-24 ° C In England in the last days of March but with the arrival of cold air, everything will change to a great extent, by the morning of Tuesday 6 April, the temperature may fall. -10 ° C in Scotland. me too’England Cold will be affected by the wave, with temperatures below zero during the Easter holidays -5 ° C On Monday 5th in the Lake District and Cumbria, North West England, as well as in Leeds and Manchester. Further South, Essex and Norwich could register -2 ° C, With London Who can go down -1 ° C Strong winds will increase perceived cold.

As far as snow is concerned, the most affected area will be Scotland but southern parts of England including London can also get whitewash. The northern, eastern and western regions of the UK will receive the most intense and continuous rainfall on Tuesday 6 April. This normal condition will continue until mid-month, but snow will be limited to the higher elevations of the northern regions.

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March 31 was the hottest recorded day in France with temperatures recorded for the month of March + 24,1 ° C. There has been an increase in temperature in the southwest of the country. + 28 ° C. But by the weekend, the maximum temperature in the north of the country may fall by 10 degree Celsius. There is already a possibility of severe drop in temperature, which is likely to cause a drop in temperature. 5-8 ° C below seasonal average, Ie at the January – February level. Snow Early the following week, the northern half of France slept all the way to the plains, with snow falling to very low elevations. Snow can also be mixed with rain. Paris Between 6 and 7 April.

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