Stunning images show ‘meteors’ across the sky over Plymouth

Shows the incredible image captured by a man in Plymouth who seems to be flying through the sky.

Lee Garlic captured the picture on Thursday afternoon.

The photo was taken near Landrek near Saltash around 4pm and the photographer reported that he saw the mysterious meteorite five minutes before it disappeared.

Lee says: “I saw it in the sky and thought ‘what is it? Which looks really weird’.

“My first idea was that it was some kind of aircraft, but I didn’t see any fuel trail left behind like any other aircraft.

“Then I saw something broken from the tail, which is a smaller version of what is in the image and then it disappeared.

“Then my thoughts are is it a meteor? I saw it for about five minutes and then it just disappeared.”

He added: “There is probably a simple explanation for this.”

Lee speculated that this could be done with the recent meteor showers that are expected to be seen in the Plymouth sky earlier this week.

The annual Leonidus meteor shower reached its peak on Monday (November 1) and Tuesday morning (November 1).

Lee Garlic captured the striking picture of Landrek yesterday (November 19)

According to, more Leonid meteors will be better this year because the moon will be only five percent brighter at night.

The Leonid waterfall occurs when the Earth’s orbit passes the debris from the orbit of the comet Temple-Total, with fragments of the comet falling toward the planet’s surface.

The Earth’s atmosphere heats up the comet’s crumbs and illuminates the burning balls of fire called meteors.

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It is an annual event and it got its name from Leo, the constellation Leo, where its meteorite appears to have originated.

Another caught the meteor in a local video, filmed from Can Woods. See below.

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