‘Stunning and glamorous’ in Sophie Sandiford’s sensitive image from Googlebox

Sophie Sandiford has been hailed as “stunning” and “glamorous” in her Instagram page.

The 24-year-old was one of the most popular TV viewers on Channel 4’s Googlebox when he brought a ridiculous incident over the telephone with his brother Pitt, 26.

The show is often seen in jumper and lounge wear, as she made sure she was satisfied with her night look, her Instagram page showing a completely different side of her style.

Sophie, who works as a window dress away from Googlebox, is no stranger to glamor and her 277,000 followers continue to love what they see.

Whether it transforms her hair style into a cleavage bearing snap post, Sophie has cemented herself to the heart of the nation by praising her beauty on social media.

Sophie Sandiford of Googlebox is looking away from the most glamorous sofa

Sophie usually has fun on the show and is full of laughter, which she joined with brother Pitt in 2017.

However, in a recent episode, for the second time in a year, viewers shed tears as he became emotional while talking about the national lockdown in England.

In a touching moment, Pitt comforted his sister while talking about what impact the lockdown would have, as unnecessary stores were forced to close.

He said: “It’s not sad, it’s just ** t for everyone, it’s going to get worse, more people will lose their jobs and things like this, it’s just horrible.”

Sophie Sandiford with brother Pete in Googlebox

Sophie’s close bond with her brother also extends to her beautiful girlfriend Paige Yemen.

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The pair launched the style for a happy snap at the start of the year, where they melt with a glorious image of winter snow together.

Sophie Copano declared Pitt’s partner on Instagram Peak “Love You” after enjoying a night before the virus ban took effect.

Brother Pete’s girlfriend Paige with Sophie

Just to show that she is not afraid to change her look, Sophie started a new blonde look before the latest series of Gogglebox.

Earlier, Sophie Candy Flush tried a bold combination of pink, electric blue and even pink and green hair on lockdown – proving that she is not ashamed to experiment with her style.

Fans were not only surprised to see the color change but also saw Sophie wearing glasses, which are probably not needed when watching TV.

Sophie is not afraid to change her look

Sophie used the first lockdown to try out a few new looks and the fact that she caught the attention of her fans was this brief look that evoked the sun-wet evening.

In the comments, she was hailed as “absolutely gorgeous” because her followers loved to transform her hair into a purple shake.

The top tan and yellow checkered blouse bring back memories of the glorious sunshine of winter summer and the UK floods during summer.

Sun snap during lockdown

Just to show that Sophie’s conversions aren’t a product of Lockdown, a pinstall snap of Christmas 2018 is enough to ensure her enduring beauty.

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Standing next to a tree decorated with glass in hand (it’s Christmas above all), Sophie is hailed by her fans as “absolutely stunning”, “muttering” and “hips dying”.

Sophie Sandiford has spread some festive merriment

There is no doubt that Sophie and Pete will share more words of wisdom on Googlebox this week and it’s no surprise that they encouraged the most engagement on social media as viewers ’intellects and take on funny things on the biggest shows on TV.

* Googlebox returns to Channel 4 at 9pm on Friday.

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