Study Reveals Which VPNs Were Successfully Overcoming Netflix Restrictions and Which Countries They Successfully

A recent study looked at the effectiveness of Netflix VPN bans on various proxy platforms. answer? Not too much. Let’s move on to the debate.

Netflix’s immense popularity has nothing to do with it. The streaming giant has been instrumental in leading the “broadcast” generation of online media. While it can be argued that the practice has its origins in platforms such as YouTube, which was and still is a major site for watching online content, it is like Netflix that legally launched TV shows and became popular with their choice. According to streaming movies. People no longer had to contend with excessively long buffering on unsafe, ad-laden websites. Now you can easily watch your favorite media on any device, big and small screen anytime. All at a very affordable monthly rate. Of course, companies like HBO and Amazon have taken notice, HBO Max and Amazon Prime have revealed, and the rest is history. But all highs have their lows, and Netflix hasn’t run smoothly in all of its endeavors.

Let’s dig deeper into it. Netflix, as many of you surely know, distributes its content by region. In this way, he can avoid distributing shows and films that would be considered “controversial”, for example, in Saudi Arabia. In other cases, there are distribution conflicts and not all regions receive certain movies and movies. For example, “Good Will Hunting” may be available in Europe but will not be available in South Asia or North America. An occasional example, but be patient. Of course, not all users are satisfied with such restrictions and try to overcome them. answer? Use of virtual private network. (VPN). VPNs are software that allow users to protect their online identities and use servers located in completely different regions. Thus, someone from Canada, India or Pakistan can access servers in France and access a European library.

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Of course, Netflix was not happy with this and started blacklisting the VPN IP address. When users connect using a VPN, they are only faced with an error screen. But, to quote Ian Malcolm, “life finds a way”. Comparitech, a research company dedicated to testing VPNs and their limitations, conducted a study listing which VPNs were successful in overcoming their restrictions. And the answers were many. Only so many VPNs. The best examples include NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Hotspot Shield, StrongVPN, PureVPN, SurfShark, and CyberGhost, but they are just the beginning of a long list. Out of 37 VPNs tested in 20 countries, Speedify was the only service that could not bypass any restrictions in any region. Then came Unlocator, which was only able to circumvent the ban in the US and UK.

At the other end of the spectrum, the VPN services that proved effective in all areas were ExpressVPN, ProtonVPN, PrivateVPN, and Hola. Popular candidates like NordVPN, TunnelBear, and CyberGhost also passed 32 out of 40 tests. On average, the VPN unblocked Netflix in 15 countries, which is a marked improvement over similar tests conducted by Comparitech in 2018, where the average was rounded up to 6. Due to the study settings, no external support or software is required to unlock these VPNs. middle 15 zone. No VPN was considered successful in a test if continuous reconnection was deemed necessary to bypass the ban, as it would be considered impractical.

Of course, these findings are not set in stone. As Netflix and its developers continue to work hard to eliminate access to servers, VPN services continue to find ways to get it back. It is a pendulum-like movement that will oscillate for a long time to come.

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