Study finds the best places to survive in the event of a collapse

A new study has identified the places in the world that are most resilient in the face of a major economic or climate collapse. Islands with a temperate climate and small populations like Iceland or New Zealand top the list.

The day of overtaking, which this year this Thursday, July 29, is a strong marker of dangerCollapse Since it marks the date on which we have exhausted all the resources that the planet can generate in a span of one year. According to the authors of this study, collapse can manifest in several ways: the occurrence of major financial crisis, destruction of nature, pandemic pandemic more serious than COVID-19… or a combination of all these factors.

A hopeless prospect, but one we can already see the beginning of. Natural disasters (fires, floods, storm) are intensifying, water shortages are becoming more and more frequent. Of course, without forgetting health crisis Which the whole world is facing for one and a half years. Yet some countries can do better than others. These works published in newspapers show this Stability And who point to New Zealand, Iceland, the UK, Tasmania and Ireland as the world’s best places to escape global social collapse.

This new research is based on the results of ” University of Notre Dame – Global Adaptation Index (ND-GAIN) 2015, which assessed and ranked all countries in terms of vulnerability and preparedness for future environmental changes. Countries were assessed on the basis of various criteria, including their ability to produce food for their population, to maintain a power grid, as well as a certain production capacity.

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« Since its inception, human civilization has experienced a continuous trajectory of increasing socio-political complexity, a trend that has recently accelerated dramatically. This event has resulted in severe disturbances of the Earth system, which have recently manifested in global-scale impacts such as Climate change. These effects create an increased risk of a global collapse event “, underline the scientists behind this research.

New Zealand: an example to follow?

NS New Zealand The big winner of this ranking is This island state of Oceania actually has the greatest potential for survival, thanks to energy geothermal and hydropower, its abundant agricultural land and low density of human population. other islands Weather Temperate and low population densities have similar resilience potential. This is particularly the case of Ireland, Iceland and Tasmania, an island state in Australia located in the southeast of the country.

The United Kingdom, in addition to its insular character, is also included in the ranking. This densely populated country that currently produces only 50% of its food has significant resilience potential.” But the picture is more complex and its characteristics are less favorable overall. “, say the scientists behind the study.

« Places that have not had the most pronounced effects of social collapse have been described as “lifesavers” for human populations in the event of collapse, especially thanks to the persistence of the collapse.Agriculture The report says.

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