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CNRS is looking for 10,000 volunteers to breed the drops. This strange and fascinating creature is a curiosity of nature. He can learn even without a brain.

The domestic cat feels neglected. Since the summer, the competition has been fierce, with the blob fitting into smaller boxes. Tituan, 12, and Marin, 8, are only interested in this thing, not animals, not vegetables, not mushrooms, but the drop fascinates.

This unicellular organism feeds on porridge, sometimes on mushrooms, but not only that. Too tight, he tries to escape. And when he eats the blue flakes, their color changes. Another experience: at the end of the day, a Lego maze with other porridge. The blob is definitely adopted by Tituan. “I would be sad not to have more drops“, acknowledges the young boy. Several classes raise these creatures and perform experiments similar to those of astronaut Thomas Pesquet on the International Space Station. CNRS convenes 10,000 amateur scientists to study the consequences of global warming.

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