Studiocanal: Release Preview in May 2021

Studiocanal: Release Preview in May 2021

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Using dealer information, we can present you with a non-binding preview of titles to be brought to retail stores in May 2021 on Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray. These include two German HD premieres. Fans of John Cleese will now bring a smile on everyone’s face, because in the end the comedy is also in this country “Clockwise – Richt so Mr. Stimpson“(Great Britain 1986) will be released on Blu-ray in a simple fun case. The disc features a German and English mono soundtrack in DTS-HD master audio format. Bonus content includes the feature” Watchwatching with John Cleese “, an interview . Trailer and a photo gallery, with Michael Farren. “Clockwise – OK, Mr. Stimpson” will be available from May 20 with Clacy in the role of a punctual headmaster.


Sally Potter’s film drama “to be released on May 6”Orlando“(France, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Russia 1992) is based on Virginia Woolf’s novel of the same name. The film won several international awards and starred Tilda Swinton, Quentin Crisp and Jimmy Somerville.” Orlando is called “.”special Edition“A booklet has been published, with the slipcase expected to have amay packaging. As a bonus, the video is a diary” Orlando goes to Russia. “Blu-ray audio formats are not yet known.

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Otherwise, various new versions await us as standard editions: “Total memory – total memory“(USA 1990),”Three days of condor“(USA 1975),”Serpico“(USA 1973) and”When gondols are in mourning“(Great Britain, Italy 1973) Ultra HD Blu-ray in 4K (incl. Blu-ray) and “Paris, texas“(Germany, France, Great Britain 1984) and”Prime time“(Germany 1981) on Blu-ray. Below you can see all the May titles already known from Studiocanal (Sw).

Available in stores from May 6, 2021:
Available in stores from May 20, 2021:

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