Students involved will have to be “approved”, Minister Vidal indicated.

Students who publicly professors at the Grenoble Institute of Political Studies (IEP) “should be punished”, the Higher Education Minister said in support of the conclusion of a report on Saturday that it had ordered on the case.

Ms. Vidal said in a statement, “Students have been treated unacceptably on the social network by defaming their professors, damaging their honor and damaging the reputation of the IEP.” Figaro.

Two teachers of “Islamophobia”

In early March, students placed posters at the entrance to the institute accusing two professors of the name “Islamophobia”, then relayed to social networks by student unions, including UNEF (classified on the left).

The case blew up the storm wind in the establishment and triggered the inauguration by the prosecution of an investigation specifically for “public humiliation”. The government condemned the “danger” of teaching by these students specifically targeting Unif.

Le Figaro Publishes the findings of the report commissioned by the Minister from the National Inspector of Education on this matter. Documents show, according to the newspaper, clumsiness, praise errors, out-of-time reactions and the mistakes of various actors.

“Blameworthy clumsiness”

At the core of Islamophobia’s accusations, we exchange speculative emails on this notion, particularly in November 2015 and December 2020 on a German teacher whose name was mentioned between posters and a historian.

Cited this in their report FigaroThe inspection dismissed the “flawed blunders” and “lack of professionalism” of both professors who had left the students in copies of their emails.

He attributes the students’ attitude to respect for personal life or respect for innocence and their “lack of interest”, which led to the posting, “a surprising attitude for young people” already well advanced into a position Has occurred. Science syllabus “.

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“We need to think of an education in the minimum rules of the law on social networks, perhaps for all students,” the minister said in response.

According to the newspaper, the report regrets insufficient or late feedback from the establishment’s management.

Confirming “all (his) confidence”, IEP director Sabine Sauroogar said, “IEP’s governance will be strengthened.” The latter had “very clearly condemned” the posters condemning both teachers, noting that one of them had made “extremely problematic” remarks about Islam.

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