Strictly speaking, Kevin Clifton pointed out the danger of Ranveer and Giovanni pairing up

The former sternly referred to dance partner Kevin Clifton’s partnership with Ranveer Singh and what Giovanni Perins called ‘danger’.

Bookies keep the couple as one of the favorites to leave tonight’s show.

Usually the high-scoring pair finds themselves at the bottom of the leaderboard after a frustrated creature that the judges said they were hardworking and not in favor of Ranveer.

Before the end of tonight’s dance, Kevin – who won the 2018 series with his current girlfriend Stacey Dolly – said that Giovanni could play a clever game with Ranveer with his routines.

Giovanni seemed to cry after her and Ranveer’s praise of Waltz

Their judges didn’t go down so much with the judges

Kevin suggested that the pair play securely with the ballroom numbers and that the audience is not really going through their routine.

But last night the Good Morning Britain host’s move was revealed because of the fast-moving tongue.

The number came just after Ranveer’s classic Waltz received high praise from the judges.

Kevin said that like many professionals, his former co-star Giovanni will face a tough battle in choosing a move that could really impress the audience and that Ranveer could easily achieve higher scores based on tactics and judges.

Kevin says professional Struckley dancers face a dilemma in the fight to reach the finals – pictured with Stacey Dolly winning the show in 2018

Talking to his sister Joan Clifton – who is a former hardcore winner – and Burn the Floor star Lauren Oakley, Kevin said Ranveer and Giovanni could get into trouble.

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He said: “It will be a difficult balance to perform the dances you know, better known than the others.

“Like if I’m Giovanni and I’m just like that, in the semifinals we can do – for example – and the producers can go, ‘You can do either Waltz and Rumba or Waltz and Samba’ You’re going to do Waltz with Ranveer because you know he did it. Can.

“But at the same time, the danger is that we see the same kind of dance every week.”

The chemistry of Ranveer and Giovanni caught the eye of the audience

Kevin further said that it was an ‘interesting’ time for Ranveer and Giovanni.

“In terms of her dancing herself, I think they’ve got a good connection with a good partnership.

“She’s a beautiful, beautiful ballroom dancer,” he complimented.

The Bokis have left the show right behind Jamie Ling tonight to make Ranveer their second choice.

Although HRVY is the new favorite to pick up the glitterball trophy next week.

One person who wasn’t impressed with last night’s show was former professional James Jordan, who called the semifinals the ‘worst’ in tough history.

“I left it here and say it’s the worst semifinal I’ve ever seen – sorry. A lot of people will say bitter, I told the truth.”

James Jordan saved Bill Bailey’s semifinal performance

Considered a longtime favorite for the former hard star and Ladbrooks correspondent glitterball trophy, Bill Bailey should be among the two at the bottom, along with Jamie Ling on a show that is ‘somewhat boring’.

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James told his followers, “I can see why they left Macy’s and HRVY at the end because the two of them were a bit annoying. Jamie at number two in performance “

Looking at the comedian, James added: “Bill – I have to be honest with myself and say – it was ***. There was no dancing. He was a favorite to win for ages, but he’s feeling the worst tonight. “

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