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After condemning “Islam-leftism that harms the university” a few weeks ago, Frédéric Vidal is a guest of Europe on Wednesday 1 Wednesday. The Minister of Higher Education will have the opportunity to return to the case that is currently shaking up Sciences Po Grenoble, where the names of two IEP professors are written on the walls of the establishment, next to the words “Fascist” and Islamophobes. . The allegations were relayed by the student unions, but were condemned on Monday by the management of Sciences Po Grenoble. On the spot, the veins are still alive.

One of the “incredible” teachers

Since Tuesday, security has been tightened in front of the IEP, with more security guards at the entrance and more identity checks, which was a request from all teachers at the establishment. As for the two teachers of Islamophobia and whose names have been thrown into the pasture, they have benefitted from police protection since Tuesday.

“It seems incredible to me,” Klaus Kinzler, one of these professors, told Europe1. “I was in no small danger. Not a single phone call, nothing, nobody wants to harm me right now. I also think that fundamentally, Islamists are not interested. Too much academic debate.”

According to the UNEF, a “lowly” parallel

The professor did not want to negotiate with the student organization Unif, which dismissed the allegations of Islamophobia on the social network. On Monday, the national leadership of the UNEF distanced itself from the initiative.

“We had awkward communication, but we seem completely demoralized to draw it parallel with Samuel Patty”, UNEF’s Grenoble manager, Quentin, on his side, protested. “In fact, it is part of a campaign led by the government, by Gerald Dermannin, by Emanuel Macron, and by Frederica Vidal. It holds progressive trade union organizations solely responsible for felony crimes. We find it absolutely Is despicable. ” “Now is not the time for appeasement.

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