Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, V-Shift, Premium Pass with XI, Dan release date revealed, featuring Rose’s first look

Capcom Gave us an appointment on 11 February Live winter update Dedicated to Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, To give us a release date for And hibiki And introduce a new game mechanics, among others. If you want to review the entire presentation, it is done below, if not, let’s see what to remember.

To begin with, we were able to search First glimpse of Rose, Which will be released in the spring with A. Forum Unpublished baptism Marina of FortuneVariation of Street Fighter Alpha 2 Inspired by Venice. Guardian of Used to matter Then showed us some of his techniques like Soul bind Who takes his normal place Throw soul, To Soul pied, To Soul wind For him Himachal Pradesh Or projectile Soul spark Which explodes after a short period of time and can now be used in anti-air sling as well as midair. his V-Skills I Spirit Fortune Causes him to draw a tarot card to increase his stats or weaken his opponent, while his V-Skill II Soul Satellite Summon up to two orbs to attack. Finally, their V-trigger I Soul Dimension While giving him a teleportation move V-Trigger II Soul Illusion Made after himself. a fast Construction of Has been given its part to highlight the work of Motion drawing Performed to bring these shots to life.

related to And, He would be entitled to a very classy costume which would make him wear a tengu mask. On the technical side, its V-Kaushal Saco-Style Burauten No Come And Psycho-style otokobo To cancel their movements allow them to perform their flare and perform various otherwise impossible combo, which has the collateral effect of the increase V gauge Of the two players, while his V-trigger Can be activated with a gauge bar. If fully charged, its Gadget Also causes the effect of Wall bounce Or from Garden crush. son V-Trigger II Tenchi Saikyo no Kata Makes its techniques more powerful which then becomes Hate gadcocaine And Go koryuken. If you can’t wait to try it out, know that it will be released on February 22, And will not reach empty handed!

Yes, The basic game mechanics of this Season v And free for all players, was presented V-shift. This will strengthen the defensive aspect, so that we can get out of a difficult situation instead of once. V gauge, Set it apart Inverse Due to its use at almost any time. When activated, the fighter is temporarily invincible in the face of projections, attacks, and other projectiles for the duration of the animation in slow motion, which then makes it possible to punish the opponent or even Vengeance with one V-shift brake In form of To investigate, Whose attack distance is more than a classic shot.

necessarily, A global rebalancing of The roster With his arrival, will be again on February 22 Forum Free workout Grid optional. Another novelty, famous Eleven First previewed today, it won’t have the last fighter Season v, But offered with the purchase of a bonus Character pass and you Premium pass go with. The identity of the 5th character therefore remains a mystery. On the other hand, This prototype of Twelve Can change appearance well and become any other fighter You have but are with V-Skills And V-trigger Randomly selected.

If you decide to go for either of them pass Available to buy now PlayStation Store And Steam off, Here they are included:

Character Pass – 24,99 €

  • 5 characters were added for Season V: Dan, Rose, Oro, Akira and a surprise character.
  • Material for each of the 5 new characters: costume (Combat), additional colors (3 to 10), special title.
  • Bonus Material: Eleven, Special Title, Special Profile Topic.
  • PS4 theme or pc wallpaper.

Premium Pass – 39,99 €

  • All the contents of the character pass.
  • 26 costumes.
  • 2 steps.
  • Content for each of the 5 new characters: Colors 3 to 10 (History) and 11 to 15 (Default, History and Combat).
  • 8 tracks.
  • 5 profile themes.
  • 100 000 fight money.

Otherwise, a minor is included DJ Steve Aoki, whose label dim Mak Will propose in collaboration with Capcom A collection of clothes Classified to believe emblazoned sweatshirt well Ryu In the back. The musician also invites us to see Cupcake cup To discover his remix of the theme next week, 20 and 21 February, Ryu. You can see an overview of the border on the next page with different views.

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Finally, you can try Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Free until 24 February, giving you access to all characters from seasons 1 to 4. The game is sold for € 23.99 Amazon If you are confident.

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