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It is somewhat difficult to follow the release of ‘My Hero Academia’, the third film in the universe, but the film can already be seen in streaming … before its release in France!

So this is the third film based on the manga.My Hero Academia‘, and it was problematic from the start. Notably, it is at the stage of its release date that the animated film has struggled as it was hit by the COVID crisis and since then,anime The feature film version comes around. In France, the situation is still different.

Where to watch My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission Streaming?

The initial release was in theaters like other films.My Hero Academia‘And some anime’ come one piece (Episode 1000 of which is currently in theaters).

Soon, however, the usual ‘simulcast’ sites surfaced. While Wakanim is currently promoting the film, Crunchyroll also talks oddly about the animated film. But for now, all are subject to the same rules: The film is only officially available in theaters.

  • Abroad, this service is funimation Which will have uniqueness as the distributor is a partner of the film. but he also has no streaming yet My Hero Academia ‘World Heroes Mission’ !

Actually, related to Demon Slayer ‘Mugen Train’, SVOD will soon have video streams for its customers. Don’t expect to get it if you don’t pay for a premium membership on at least one of these platforms!

Release date in France: WhenMy Hero Academia World Heroes Mission‘ Sort?

So the film has been released in several phases. It all started with no surprise in Japan, with availability 06 August 2021. At a particular time in the Land of the Rising Sun, he then went on the international road:

  • China: 21 October 2021
  • Australia, New Zealand and South Africa: 28 October 2021
  • United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Ireland and Taiwan: October 29, 2021
  • Norway, Denmark, Iceland and other Nordic countries: November 11, 2021
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But in France … the exit is more than uncertain. To date, no date has been set and no window has been selected. Of course, the end of 2021 has always been a priority and studios ‘Toho’ and ‘Bones’ are targeting this period, But nothing has been announced yet in Western Europe, hence France or Belgium.

Script, Story and Duration… What Does ‘My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission’ Tell?

The synopsis of the third My Hero Academia film is as follows:

The Dark Secret Society will annihilate everyone with special powers. The future of the world is at stake; the clock inevitably points to the ultimate collapse of civilization. Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki join forces in a battle for a common future. But the adversary has infiltrated everywhere. Deku is wanted and also attacks the police…

In detail, this film remains short Includes 1h and 45 mins typical, and allows you to discover the story that follows Season 5. As always, it is recommended that you watch previous seasons as well as earlier films… but this is not mandatory, especially in the case of movies. The last 2 movies are not really mandatory to understand My Hero Academia ‘World Heroes Mission’ !

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