Stream Revealing 35th Anniversary of Dragon Quest to be Celebrated with New Information

In recent years, the license Dragon Quest Clearly on the rise. A true monument in Japan for decades, the Square Enix franchise has managed to better internationalize the series by bringing more ambitious titles to us. On the occasion of its 35th anniversary, we can know very well what the sequel is preparing for us.

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Dragon Quest XI or Dragon Quest Builders 1 & 2 There are some examples of new successful approaches to the saga. We can also cite the return of the manga by Riku Shanjo and Koji Inada, Dragon Quest: Dai Quest Many games in broadcast and work with an anime.

For the future of the franchise, we are very likely New information on May 27 for a live live that will be broadcast at our home at 5 am. The presentation will be in two parts dedicated to first-time novelties Dragon quest x (An MMO from Japan has never been released), and another that will feature a “new line-up” with the appearance of Yuji Hori.

The presence of the creator of the series thus determines that we will probably announce one Dragon quest twelfth That we are sure to see the land one day or another. This may also cause concern like other spin-offs Dragon Quest Builders.

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