Stranger leaves brutal note on neighbour’s car instructing them to dump their boyfriend

Stranger leaves brutal note on neighbour's car instructing them to dump their boyfriend

When your car is looking a little dirty and in need of a wash, you might find that a friend leaves you a message in the grime, saying ‘clean me’.

But one person returned to their car recently and found a much more brutal note tucked under the windscreen wipers.

The note appears to have been left there by a neighbour who lives in the same apartment block.

A photo of the piece of paper on the car was shared on Instagram on the popular American account Neighbors From Hell where it has since gone viral.

It was captioned: “Everything comes out in the wash.”

The note reads: “FYI I f**ked your boyfriend.

“He said you were broken up.

“I live in 5D.

“1. Wash your car 2. Dump him (not in that order).”

Numerous people commented on the post, with many saying that despite the devastating content – the neighbour did the right thing leaving the note.

One person replied: “This is actually a good neighbor.”

Another said: “Honestly I’d buy her a drink.”

A third wrote: “I sure wouldn’t have said where I live ha.”

Someone else responded: “I’d appreciate the tip about the cheating boyfriend but mind your business about my car.”

A different user added: “Damn! At least she was honest.”

Others thought the person who left the message could have been ‘kinder’ or ‘nicer’ about the whole thing as it’s difficult to find out that your partner has been cheating on you.

The Neighbors From Hell account later shared an update on their stories about the note and the person who found it.

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They said: “Twist: Person who received this note tested positive for an STD.

“Leaver of note needs to get checked!”

Uh oh!

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