straight. Covid-19: “Employers must monitor their employees every day”, warns Elizabeth Bourne


  • The National Assembly adopted a new anti-Covid bill shortly before 6 a.m. this Friday, which provides for the controversial expansion of health passes and vaccination obligations for caregivers.
  • France has had 830,415 injections in the last 24 hours, including 441,066 in the first dose.
  • Groups on the coast are multiplying, as do some twenty Wendy camps.

Follow the events of the day live:

11:30 am. Karim Benzema Positive. On his return from leave, the Real Madrid striker tested positive for Covid. They will have to follow a period of isolation before resuming training.

11:15 am. Positive for Covid, he disguises himself and assumes the identity of his wife to board a plane in Indonesia. An Indonesian man suffering from coronavirus boarded a domestic flight dressed as his wife’s identity. He was able to board a Citylink company plane wearing a mask covering his face, false identification documents and a negative PCR test result. Except that during the flight, he went to the bathroom to change his men’s clothes. A hostess witnessed this metamorphosis. He was arrested as soon as he landed.

11:00. Two groups were identified in nightclubs in eastern France. Two outbreaks of contamination have been identified in nightclubs located in eastern France, with several dozen people affected each time. At the Discopolis de Charmes in Vosges, “an Indian-type cluster was detected among 44 residents of the area. According to the ARS, the affected people were infected on three evenings, 13, 16 and 17 July, and more in number.” The increase may be because 1,000 contact cases have been identified. In addition, 66 people still tested positive after three evenings on 13, 16 and 17 July at the Cario Club, in Doubs, in Mathieu, for part of ARS. Bourgogne Franche-Comté indicated the establishment has already closed its doors.

10:30 am. New Zealand begins quarantine for Rugby Championship The next edition of the Rugby Championship, which pits the best national picks in the Southern Hemisphere against each other, risks being disrupted by New Zealand’s decision to reinstate a quarantine for travelers arriving from Australia. The decision was taken due to the resumption of the pandemic, for eight weeks.

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10:15 am. Food workers in Britain exempt from isolation. More than 10,000 food workers in the UK will be exempted from contact with a coronavirus patient to avoid supply problems. As of this week, some of these workers will be able to survive the ten-day isolation provided they test negative daily, regardless of their vaccination status.

9.45 a.m. In July the German economy continues to recover rapidly. The IHS Markit Purchasing Managers’ Index, which measures the dynamics of an economy, rose to 62.5 in Germany in July, from 60.1 in June. For the record, above the 50 mark, it means that an economy is growing. In France, the index fell slightly to 56.8 in July, from 57.4 in June. Entrepreneurs believe that the only obstacle to rapid growth in France is the problem of supply.

9:25 am. “Employers have to supervise their employees every day,” warned Elizabeth Bourne. Employees of establishments whose access is conditional on the possession of a valid health pass have until August 30, 2021 “Compliance, detailed description of the Minister of Labor in Ouest France. After this date, the refractory must give up their position. Employers must leave.” On a daily basis, the employees will have to check the employees who produce the certificate of immunity.

9:10. Vaccination: Always a high rate. More than 300,000 appointments have been made for the first injection each day since Monday. It is primarily a young audience that rises the ranks as two thirds are under 40.

8:55 am. What about a return to normal life? “I’m not sure there will be a return to normalcy in 2022.” For Jean-François Delfraissi, it may even be necessary to wait until 2023. According to the President of the Scientific Council a new version may come winter. However, “it is not possible to turn to imprisonment at the beginning of the school year,” he said.

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“Yeah, going to discotheque is dangerous” at 8.45 am. Jean-François Delfraissi recalled on BFMTV that nightclubs are places at risk with the potential development of clusters. With Health Pass, the risks will be less significant.

50,000 contamination in early August at 8.45 am. This is the prediction of the President of the Scientific Council on BFMTV. Jean-François Delfraissi personally calls for a return to barrier gestures that are increasingly neglected.

8:40 am. “The reopening didn’t change anything, the delta version would have spread the same way”. According to the President of the Scientific Council, Jean-François Delfraissy, interviewed on BFM TV, “the Delta version is 60% more permeable.”

8:30 am. Robust monitoring of vaccination sites. According to the LCI, eleven vaccination centers were vandalized in eight days. The Home Minister has asked the prefects to strengthen the security of vaccination centers from July 15. But at the moment, Place Beauvau does not specify which instruments have been deployed.

At 7.45 am there has been a huge drop in reservations in Spain, Portugal and Greece. According to the Liligo platform, bookings are being done for free in some destinations like Spain, Portugal and Greece. The platform has seen a 58% drop in searches for flights to Spain, 48% to Portugal and 41% to Greece in recent days.

7:30 in the morning. The South African coach condemned the “stigma” of his team in the Olympics after the cases of Kovid. The coach of the South Africa football team at the Tokyo Olympics has condemned the “stigma” of his team affected by the cases of Kovid-19. “Often, when people pass us by, we see them running (…) as if there was something wrong with us. (…) I think it’s a little insulting,” said David Notoen .

7:20 am The EU has distributed only 3% of the promised vaccines to poor countries. According to an internal document from the European Commission, the European Union has given poor countries just four million doses of the vaccine, less than 3% of the total 160 million doses promised.

7:10. More and more communities are offering walk-in vaccination solutions. While the new target set by Jean Castex is to reach 50 million French people who have received their first dose of the vaccine by the end of August, more and more communities are offering vaccination solutions without a prescription. Read our article.

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7:05 am. SMEs are more optimistic about a way out of the crisis except tourism. According to a Bpifrance survey, most business leaders with up to 250 employees have gained optimism and now envision a quick exit from the crisis by abandoning tourism.

7 hours. Towards an oral vaccine? According to the Jerusalem Post newspaper, Israel is set to become the first country to test an oral vaccine. Oravax Medical is currently awaiting approval from the Israeli Ministry of Health. A response to the latter is expected within a few weeks. The first test should be conducted on 24 volunteers.

6:15 am. Australia declared a “national emergency” for Sydney. The outbreak of the current pandemic in Sydney is a “national emergency”, local officials said. A month’s imprisonment did not make it possible to stop the progress of the Delta version. The state of New South Wales, whose capital is Sydney, has urged the federal capital to urgently send vaccines and resources.

6:10 am. Italy is also making health passes normal. Health passes will be normalized for visiting many public places in Italy from 6 August. This “green pass” verifies at least one injection of the vaccine or that a person has tested negative. Sports hall, museum, trade fair will be sought…

6:05 am. Health passes and vaccination obligations for caregivers voted in the assembly. The National Assembly on Friday read out for the first time the new anti-Covid bill, which provides for the controversial expansion of health passes and vaccination obligations for caregivers. After a night of sometimes heated debate the text was adopted with 117 votes for and 86 against. The bill must now be considered in the Senate starting today. Read our article.

6 hours. Welcome to this live This will allow you to follow developments during the day of the pandemic. .

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