Storm Younis: UK Red Alert

This red alert from the UK Met Service is for South West England, from the tip of Cornwall to Cardiff, South Wales.

Trains cancelled, troops ready to deploy: England was issued a red alert on Thursday ahead of the arrival of Storm Younis on Friday, the second to cross the country in 48 hours, with “significant disruption” due to “extremely strong winds” is likely to happen.

This red alert from the British Meteorological Service is concerned in the south west of England, from the tip of Cornwall to Cardiff, south Wales, with winds of up to 145 km/h along the coast. The whole of southern England including London is on Orange Alert. According to the Met Office, the storm could cause “life-threatening flying debris”, “damage to buildings and homes with soaring roofs and cut power lines”.

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This can lead to the closure of roads, railways, bridges and delays or cancellations of buses, trains, ferries and planes. According to a spokesman for the rail network, all trains in Wales have been canceled on Friday, citing the safety of passengers and staff. “Of course the army is ready,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday during a visit to the Royal Air Force Base.

Due to dangerous weather, Prince Charles canceled Friday’s official engagement in South Wales, his services said, hoping to move it “to a later date”.

Another storm, Dudley, caused little disruption in Scotland and northern England after hitting Britain on Wednesday, leaving thousands of homes without electricity. The government announced on Thursday that it would hold a “COBR” emergency committee meeting to organize a response to the two storms. A red alert was also issued in Ireland for the night of Thursday through Friday, with winds gusts up to 130 km/h and flooding at high tide for the west and south of the country.

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