Stopping AstraZeneca exports would be “counterproductive”, UK minister warned

The British Defense Minister warned that it would be “counterproductive” to block the export of AstraZeneca if threatened by the European Commission Chairman if Europe did not receive its delivery earlier.

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace warned on Sunday that it would be “counterproductive” to block the export of AstraZeneca, as the chairman of the European Commission had threatened a day earlier if the European Union had not received its first delivery.

“Partition will only harm EU citizens and Britain”

“The European Union knows that the rest of the world is watching the way the Commission behaves,” Ben Wallace told the TV channel. sky News. If contracts and commitments are broken, it would be very detrimental to a business block that honors itself over the law (“).”

He said that “it would be retaliatory”. Emphasizing the collaborative nature of vaccine production that includes many countries around the world, the minister warned that “this will not only increase the likelihood of proper vaccination programs for their citizens, but will also tarnish the reputation of many other countries in the world.” ” Of the European Union “.

The minister later said in an interview, “Trying to divide or erect walls in any way will only harm the citizens of the European Union and the UK.” BBC.

The balance of power between Europe and AstraZeneca

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has threatened to ban planned exports if she does not receive the AstraZeneca vaccine shipment.

In an interview with the German media group, he said, “This is our message to AstraZeneca: Honor your contract with Europe.” To funk.

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He recalled that the EU contract with AstraZeneca provides for the delivery of supplements produced in the region of the European Union and the UK.

“However, we have not received anything from the British, even though we are supplying them,” she argued, adding that the European Union had sent a “formal letter” to the Swedish-British pharmaceutical group to complain.

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