Stevie Wonder: The call that resonates across the planet

When you have talent, mistakes can become great! The police is the proof of this. In Roxanne’s introduction, we listen to a piano and then a laugh, both of us favoring Sting. At the beginning of the recording in the studio, he wants to lean against the instrument but is unbalanced and ends up sitting at the keyboard: it makes a wrong note, it makes him laugh, and it makes a unique introduction.

1977: Police is in Paris. The group is not yet well known, it performs at a small club in Nashville. Artists are housed in a hotel in the area, the scene is seen from a street, where girls walk on the sidewalk, and on the wall of Sting’s room, there is a poster of the play Cyrano de Bergerac. The heroine is called Roxanne, with Sting finding her title.

Roxane has had worldwide success, becoming one of the essential titles of the title Sting and his band, and gave it new life in 1992 by Israeli-Iranian singer Rita Farooz.

The remix version of rapper Puff Daddy gave him the opportunity to explore previously unknown horizons in 1997.

During the last year of the last century, George Michael slowly falls under Roxane’s spell.

And since in music, there is no limit to the attraction, if you search, you will find the Salsa version of the Colombian group.

The film Moulin Rouge introduced its tango version.

But whatever the version, arrangement, decoration, what he speaks most easily is Sting!

Ranking 388th in Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

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