Steven Van Gucht speaks before concert committee press conference: “Other waves will come, but…”

This Tuesday is a new historic day for our country. A new codeco is actually underway to set out new measures to fight against the resurgence of the coronavirus in our country.

Prior to Prime Minister Alexander de Crew’s press conference, virologist Steven Van Guch was interviewed by our Flemish colleagues at HLN. Opportunity to speak about the start of the fourth wave for the Interfederal Spokesperson for the fight against Covid-19 in Belgium. For the expert, “We must act now, and especially in terms of communication. We should make calls to reduce our social contacts, wear masks and, if possible, watch each other out.”

Steven Van Guch also talked about the future of the pandemic: “There are no “on” and “off” buttons. It comes in waves. Now we are facing the fourth wave. Others will follow, but they Will get smaller and smaller because fewer and fewer people will be vulnerable to the virus. Virologists will continue to study it, but the press will no longer talk about it.” He adds that “for now, this wave is still to be ignored.” is very big. I think things will be a lot quieter next spring, because by then a large part of the population will be fully immunized. ”

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