Steve McGovern’s new show failed to record a single audience earlier this week

Steve McGovern's new show failed to record a single audience earlier this week

Not a single one was recorded at one point this week, making viewers seem to have no appetite for Steff’s packed lunch.

Steve McGuire’s day-time show registered zero viewers at 12.56 on Tuesday night in the official Barb rating.

It was less than half an hour of the week-long Channel 4 program that was relaunched just two weeks ago.

It was against ITV’s Loose Women, which reached ten million viewers on the same day.

A source said: “Fighting against an established and well-liked event like Loose Women was a tough call and there is no doubt C4 is suffering as a result of the decision and these ratings show it.

Steve McGuire’s daytime show registered zero viewers at 12.56pm on Tuesday night

“ITV has always been confident that loose women will witness their competition – and in reality their numbers will continue to grow.”

C4 reported that Tuesday’s show garnered around 87,000 viewers overall because it promised to give the show time to grow viewers.

However, it dropped to 93,000 for a new run on September 14th.

It was close to half of the 182,000 when it first aired for six weeks from April, broadcast from Steep’s home.

The former BBC Morning Star, 38, previously told The Mirror that he should only blame himself if it fails.

He said: “Of course I’m nervous. I started right where I dreamed now, how would the guests not turn away or what would happen if they all started swearing by the wind.

Former BBC star Steve has previously told the Mirror that he should only blame himself if his new show fails.

“But I don’t know, that’s why I love it I’m an adrenaline junkie someone I’m someone who likes live tele and is pushing myself.

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“But yes, when your name is on the tin, there is no one to blame for the rubbish. If it’s rubbish, it’s my fault.

C4 said: “Steff’s packed lunch on Tuesday drew an average of 87,000 viewers from 12.30pm to 2.10pm and peaked at 204,000. Daytime shows always take time to build their audience.

“Steff has brought an explosion of energy to our day lineup and we’re delighted to see firsthand what the team has produced.”

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