Steve Knicks sent a letter to Lindsay Buckingham after a heart attack

Steve Knicks sent a letter to Lindsay Buckingham after a heart attack

Stevie Knicks revealed that he contacted his former bandmate and ex-partner Lindsay Buckingham after a heart attack in 2016.

The Fleetwood Mac singer, who is releasing a new solo song next Friday (October 9) called “Show the Way,” said she asked Buckingham to take care of herself. It happened the year after Buckingham was shot by the Legends / Blues rock group.

Knicks said Los Angeles Times He has not spoken to Buckingham since his departure, but wrote a note to him after fearing his health: “You can take good care of yourself. You simply take it easy and you better do what they tell you and you will get your voice back and feel the grace you have done through it.

He added that Buckingham had “never planned” to leave the band and was “disappointed” when it happened. “Any time we reconstitute to make a tour or record, I always carry hope in my mind. And I was just so disappointed. I felt like all the air was gone from my air, ”he said.

Lindsay Buckingham
Lindsay Buckingham. Credit: Getty

Elsewhere in the interview, the singer said she wanted to convert a poem written in her journal into a song during the lockdown. He set out on another solo album – the last of which was 2011’s In Dreams.

Meanwhile, ‘Show Their Way’ will come a few weeks before the announcement of Nick’s ’24 Carat Sonar ‘live album and concert film. The film is set to release on October 21 and October 25 at the Selected Cinema Hall, followed by a recorded version on October 30.

E.g. Stereogram Highlights of the interview, Nick further said that the Celtic god Ryanon, the famous 1973 song of the same name, had signed a contract with a studio to create a TV ministry about the Celtic god Ryanon.

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It will adapt to Evangeline Walton’s Welsh fairy tale Mabinogion. Knicks said he has 10 songs planned for the project and hopes Harry Styles will be among the actresses. “I’m going,‘ Harry, you can’t age one day. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. I have already sold him. “

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