Staying Together: Interfaith Short Film Released

International debut of new short films for interreligious understanding, produced by partners in Indonesia

There is growing concern about extremist voices and actions showing that hostility towards “other religious people” has increased in different parts of the world. But there are also many positive examples of believers showing a different lifestyle by adopting and engaging in dialogue.

These interfaith short films from Indonesia aim to present positive stories and real-world conflicts as examples at the grassroots and foster healthy interreligious relationships.

  • Can such short documentaries contribute to interreligious understanding and coexistence?
  • How can these films be used in education for inclusive citizenship?

These are the central questions that will be addressed at the film’s opening ceremony. The event includes an online premiere of four new short films produced by local organizations in Indonesia, short interviews with directors and youth representatives, and a panel discussion.


  • Risdo Simangunsong, Interfaith Dialog Activist, (Jakatarab) Indonesia
  • Fernando Sihutang, Human Rights and Advocacy Coordinator, National Committee of the Lutheran World Federation, Indonesia
  • Dr. Engfel Thorsson Plesner, Researcher and Project Leader, The Norwegian Center for the Studies of the Holocaust and Minorities (HL-senteret), Inclusive Citizenship Project
  • Samarvit Gaugesa, Communications Officer of Minority Rights Group International, UK
  • Director of Putu Eka Guna Yasa, Basbali Wiki, Indonesia


  • Pastor Dr. Sven Kate, Director of General Theology and Interreligious Relations Program, Lutheran World Federation, Switzerland


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Languages: English language in Indonesia with simultaneous translation

* The International Film Launch was organized as part of a project on freedom and interreligious understanding of religion and belief. The project is funded by NORAD (Norwegian Development Cooperation Agency).

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