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Ticktock users in the United States have reacted strongly to Donald Trump’s decision to ban new downloads of the video-sharing app, but many are already planning to move to other platforms, if the clamdown leads to a complete ban.

“Oh my God! All right! It’s happening! Everyone stay calm!” Ticktocker Nick Foster told his 577,000 followers, panicking during a fire at The Office, dubbing a video of himself with audio of actor Steve Carell’s character in the series.

Although the young users of the platform, who laid the groundwork for it, did not seem to pay much attention to the government’s announcement, the older users responded.

“Thank you for the fun time,” The Bain King posted to the 22-year-old investor with 436,000 followers.

Some said that for those who already had the app, there would be very little change by Sunday, when the official ban on downloads would take effect, and the cut-off date set by the Trump administration was November 12.

The administration has targeted a ticket owned by Chinese technologist Giant Bytens for providing national security, continuing to fight Beijing over digital technology. The Nov. 12 deadline gives Tiktok and a U.S. agency the potential to connect to data protection to address Washington’s security concerns.

“It’s posting,” said Jeff Currett, an adviser to Tiktok’s 366,000 followers. “It’s a way for Trump to show Tiktok that he’s in business but without hurting them too much.”

However, most of those who made the ticket following were preparing to leave.

According to Forbes Magazine, people who make a living from their presence on social networks – such as star Edison Roy, who boasted 60.9 million followers and earned ৫ 5 million between June 2020 and June 2020 – are at greater financial risk, according to Forbes Magazine.

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For weeks, many Tiktok users have been sharing their Instagram and YouTube accounts on their profiles, preparing their fans to jump into the green pastures.

Even TickTock’s Gold Standard, Charlie de Amelio – who, at just 16 years old, has 87.5 million followers, the platform’s most popular creator – has announced a non-external partnership with the trailer, a similar platform, where it already has 1.1 million subscribers.

Bryce Hall, Nessa Barrett and Chase Hudson – largely unknown among the 20-year-olds but with more than 10 million tick followers each – have also started trailer accounts.

Trump himself, who never dipped his toe in tick water, made his debut against the trailer, where he already has 953,000 followers.

In August, the trailer announced that it had downloaded 250 million times since it was made, an image disputed by analytics firm Aptopia, which puts the number of downloads closer to 52m.

The app is not the only location that has emerged from the ashes of the tick, which has been downloaded two billion times worldwide, and has 100 million users in the United States alone.

Awaiting include Byte (not affiliated with TickTock’s parent company ByteDance), which launched in January, as well as Leakey – which Aptopia says was downloaded .2.2 million times in the U.S. between February and August – and Dubsmash sh.

Not to mention Instagram and YouTube, which have expanded their tents with reels and YouTube shorts, respectively, whose trial versions have conveniently launched in the last few months.

The winner will be “TickTock users will see the place as a ‘cool place,'” said James Murray, a professor of marketing at Dieppe University.

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In the current context, “startups like Byte may have an edge, because we know that established brands have to shut down as much as their‘ cooling factor ’will be,” Mori said, referring to the shift of the younger generation from Facebook to Instagram.

But the tick is not over yet, Maury warned.

Much could happen before November 12, and don’t forget: Tiktok has not been banned outside the United States, as long as Tiktok continues to be an influential player globally, it will continue to innovate and maintain a strong customer base, ”he said.

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