Statistics Applied to the Social Sciences: ISSP provides training in descriptive analysis of qualitative data using SPSS software

Dr. Abdramane Soura, Director General, Higher Institute of Population Sciences (ISSP) presided over the opening ceremony of the 3rd training session in Applied Statistical Social Sciences at the premises of the said Institute on Monday, 9th August, 2021. SASS). This training session was organized for the benefit of public administration officials, private sector and civil society actors.

The Higher Institute of Population Sciences (ISSP) is organizing a training session in Applied Statistics on Social Sciences (SASS) for the benefit of the officials of Public Administration and Civil Society from 9th August to 13th August, 2021. For this third session, they are thirty in total to attend training in descriptive analysis of qualitative data using SPSS software.

The third training session was officially launched this Monday, 9th August, 2021 by Dr. Abdramane Soura, the first person in charge of the institute. He said the aim of this training is to “strengthen the abilities of the participants”. On SPSS software and its many functions to facilitate basic statistical analysis.

Specifically, it will be for them to learn the concepts of the object of study, from the design to the identification of observed variables in the field, to calculate and interpret indicators. In addition to these modules, they will also learn how to make a good choice of graphs and examine the relationship between two variables, etc.

Dr. Abdramane Soura, Director General of ISSP

Moussa Bougma is the coordinator of this training. He informed that apart from what the Director said, it would certainly be a question of sensitizing the participants on the basic techniques of statistical data using SPSS software. He explains that the idea is to give them basic concepts so that they can understand them and then learn them; What is software and all its features.

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Apart from these aspects, it will be a question of showing them how with this software one can correctly synthesize data and interpret it appropriately for decision making, the coordinator says. “Because we have found that there is data that is there but it is not used because the people concerned often do not have all the prerequisites needed to perform these analyses. So this training will strengthen their abilities and make them more easily Will allow you to process the data, analyze it, and generate your own reports.”

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Recall that these training sessions are part of the implementation of the activities of the program “Capacity building, production and dissemination of knowledge on Burkinabe production”, funded by the European Union and executed by the ISSP for the period 2018-2021.

In addition to producing and disseminating evidence on Burkinabe production, the program will contribute to the design, implementation and monitoring of development policies, according to Dr. Abdramane Soura.

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