Statement of UJPLA on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day on May 03, 2022

The Association of Journalists of the Free African Press (UJPLA) would first like to welcome the declaration of this World Press Freedom Day (in December 1993) and express its clear, firm and steadfast commitment to continue its action in favor of propaganda, defence. confirms. And to safeguard this fundamental freedom as well as to protect journalists and media actors.

In our world plagued by all threats, pandemics, crises, security, digital and technological threats and attacks, climate and environmental degradation, etc.

UJPLA wishes to pay tribute in memory of journalists who have fallen in the domain of honor or who have been harassed in the practice or defense of their profession.

UJPLA, on this World Press Freedom Day 2022, calls on all countries to work tirelessly with information and press professionals in all forms, to create conditions suitable for the advent of a free, professional, reliable, viable and responsible press. invites to.

UJPLA reaffirms its unshakable will to contribute with and with other national and international organizations of journalists, for development, for the saving and benevolent action of the international restoration of Africa on the world stage, in its rebirth and in concert with its to effect. The nation, of course, based on democracy, security (of journalists), rule of law, justice and peace.

For UJPLA, these are, in fact, pre-requisites for any real sustainable human development.

UJPLA wishes World Press Freedom Day to all its members as well as to all journalists, actors, professionals etc., world press and information.

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