Start menu and taskbar can be nicely aligned to the left

The “next windows” that Satya Nadella promised at the Build conference opening a few weeks ago may still have a few surprises to bring us.

Meanwhile, the version of Windows 11 that leaked online from an undisclosed source has allowed us to learn a little more about what Microsoft has announced as the most important Windows update of the past decade.

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Windows 11, which borrows many new features from Windows 10X Fire, sports an interface first that has surprised more than one. The Start menu and Windows taskbar, traditionally located on the left side of the screen, are centered by default. This visual change led some to find a clear resemblance to macOS’s Dock, Apple’s operating system, while others saw a similarity to KDE, a desktop environment for Linux.

Like with each new version of the OS, some of the changes can be troubling, even more so for users who don’t appreciate that we come to replace their old habits. While they can hold their breath and rest assured, Microsoft will not force a priori, to accept this new behavior.

An option to choose the alignment of the Start menu and taskbar has been added to the customization settings of the taskbar: so it will be possible to center it or to the left to give it to your Windows 11. A little vintage side of Windows 10.

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