‘Starman’ has just zipped to Mars in its rapidly decaying Tesla Roadstar

Starman – the cherry-red Tesla Roadstar climbing dummy in space – has made his closest path to Mars.

The first test of the SpaceX rocket began in February, 2011, during which the electronically converted bolt bolted to the top of a Falcon heavy rocket with its five passengers (it is common to include heavy payloads in test launches, but it is usually more annoying than the Cherry-Red sportscars). ‘Years later, the Falcon Heavy Upper Stage and the car at its tip are making their second trip around the Sun. Harvard astronomer Jonathan McDowell, who has been observing space objects as a side project, said Starman will be E.4 million miles (.4.4 million kilometers) from Tuesday. ) At 2.25 a.m. EDT in October. That’s about 19 times the distance of the Moon from Earth, and 35 times closer than anyone on Earth to Mars.

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