Star Academy: Here is where 60 candidates are to follow on Instagram

We are very excited to see Star Academy on our screens in 2021, and it’s fun to follow the candidates on Instagram!

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60 candidates will be part of the selection camps and 30 will be cut during the first telecast on 17 January. The remaining 30 candidates will return on the second day of camp next week (January 24, 7 pm).

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At the end of this process, 20 candidates will automatically receive their pass for the first Variety Gala on Sunday 14 February, while the other 10 will be cast to an audience vote on the web, choosing 2 varieties to choose from.

At the first variety gala, 22 finalists will offer a performance, and 15 academics from 2021 of “Star Academy” will ultimately be chosen.

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Meanwhile, here you can follow 60 candidates on Instagram:

  1. Alexander Parent: @ alexparent12
  2. Alison berserk: @__allysonpetrin
  3. Amelie Jacques: @ameejacquees_
  4. Andrew Rutherford: @ the_drewster06
  5. Annabel Orstay: @princess__annabel
  6. Anne Sophie Come: @ annes0leil
  7. Antoine Lepine: @Antoni.Lipine
  8. Antoine Poireau (aka Kiara): @ kira_real1
  9. Ariane Bellevue: @Sabibelivo
  10. Arian Bernier: @ ari.bernier
  11. Audrey-Ann Segin: @audreyanneseguin
  12. Benjamin Jendran: @ _benjamin_gendron_4real_
  13. Camille Giguer-Laroche: @virtuelcamille
  14. Charles Kammoun (aka CK): @seakaymusicofficial
  15. Claudia Goudru: @ Kaloudia_goudareau
  16. Clemens Cormier-Morasse: @clamembert
  17. Daisy Jules: @ Dashni_j
  18. Frederick Dion: @freddionne
  19. Frederica Beaulieu: @ frederique.beaulieu
  20. Gabriel Harvey: @ gab.harv3y.123
  21. Guillaume Laffond: @
  22. Enric Para: @iannickpare
  23. Iyad Laberak: @schmidt_d_shelby
  24. Jacob Roberte: @ mr.jacob_roberge
  25. James Larry: @ james.shelter.officiel
  26. Jani Provost (aka Audays): @janyprovost or @
  27. Jennifer-Lee Dupuy: @ jenniferlee.dupuy
  28. Joey Michael Tremble Doyle: @vrmdebonnehumeur
  29. Jordan Lebreck: @jolamusic
  30. Julian Tomasz: @ Julianthomus
  31. Justin Busdamente: @ jbust_97
  32. Kalona Chauvin: @ kelowna.c
  33. Laurie Decne: @Gouridin
  34. Lunau Zucchini: @lunouzucchini
  35. Dry fruit @maeva_officielll
  36. Mahe Rabessa: @ Mahe
  37. Mahi Poir: @Mahipipoirier
  38. Marc-Antoine Delage: @marcantoine_delage
  39. Mathieu Micaud: @Matt
  40. Matthew Reault: @
  41. Maxens LaPierre: @maxencelapierre
  42. Maxim Boivin: @Sirmaxboivin
  43. Meghan Oak: @meaganoak
  44. Olivier Bergeron: Personal Account
  45. Olivier Fobart: @ oli.faubert
  46. Philippe Saint-Arnaud: @philidash
  47. Queen Clement: @queenieofficially
  48. Rosalie Ayotte: @f_u_n_k_y_p_u_n_k_y
  49. Rose Peron: @ecchymrosis
  50. Sandrin Hebert: @sandrinehebertm
  51. Sara Levesque: @sarahlevesquemusic
  52. Sara Vanderzone: @sarahvanderzonmusic
  53. Shayan Hydari: @
  54. Sophia Duhai: @soduhaime
  55. Tracy McNeill: @treecymcneil
  56. Tristan Guay: @ triste.ein
  57. Vincent Julian: @vincentjulien_
  58. William Cloutier: @william_cloutier
  59. Yanik Bissonnette: @Gyanbis
  60. Zara Sargsyan: @Zarsmascofficial

It is up to you to go and encourage your favorite candidates!

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