Staff British palace should be more diverse

The British royal family seems to care about criticism from the late Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. He revealed the racist traits of Harry’s relatives in an interview last week; For example, someone wondered what the color of the skin of Markle’s baby would be and “what he would look like.” Soon someone will be appointed to look after the diversity in the palaces.

The decision is the result of a fairly quick investigation, which showed that although the palaces have some sort of diversity policy, it actually does nothing about it.

In the coming weeks, staff at the palaces of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Prince William will begin talking to experts about possible improvements. They want to know not only how to get more color, but also how to promote other forms of diversity.

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Britain’s Queen Elizabeth has responded to a controversial televised interview of her grandson Harry and his wife Meghan. In a statement, he expressed grief over the challenges faced by the couple in recent years. She also says that the issues raised such as allegations of racism are a cause for concern.

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