Stado Towards a DIY Sunday, in Nice

In a heavy context, Stado is about to challenge, much younger, this Sunday (3 p.m.).

While it remains on a very worrying series of victories in nine matches since mid-November, Stadeau takes Nice’s direction this Saturday morning for a match that already promises to be painful for Tarbais. Already in normal times, the City of Angels is not the best place to try to gain confidence – Nicoise has only lost once on his lawn during the first day against Valence-Romans – but in the ranks of the big guys. With stunt package, this mission becomes impossible.

In addition to the injured (Besonart, Paes, Doomestre), there are several really sick players (two cases of covid and some with flu but negative) while Halani Aulika is in the United Kingdom for administrative matters (visa).

In a context also weighed down by the revelation of Morgan Rubio’s two-year suspension for doping (read our previous edition), Stadow is concerned. It is well known, dirt always flies in a squadron, as the former president of the republic used to say. “We don’t even know how we’re going to play the team, Fabian Fortasin explains, adding that the set-up scheduled for yesterday afternoon was cancelled. We’re going to do some DIY.”

Impossible Goal ?

Do it yourself or not, the staff already had some breathing space for this trip. Because the appointment is not to be missed, this reception of Cognac next week will be a match for all apprehensions in the battle for maintenance. “Survival mode is activated, recognizing Fabian Fortasine who can only rely on the Cte-d’Azur hoping for a good surprise. Every week, we have grains of sand to stop an already malfunctioning machine come.” And to add: “With Stephen (Dukos) this weekend, we will not be the rugby coaches, but the psychologists who will make sure that Joe plays in the best possible conditions, so that they can have fun. Without them it feels like That they’re going for purification.”

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Two weeks earlier, after a loss at Valence-Romans (43–24), three-quarters of the coach had not really tasted the comparison of Kraus’ stations to qualify Stado’s matches in the ‘outside’. There is certainly no dearth of religious references at this time. We can only hope for miracles in Nice.

group : Palais, Combier, Lamothe, Mondon, Dunne, Duplantier, Sajos, Hourclay, Saint-Guilhem, Ricart, Nol, Agueb, Mansieux, Duluk, Anton, Berbizier, Canton, Stanway, Wacasegu, Mamao, Paulette, Duffou, Olmton.

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