Squirrels have a strong personality!

“Bates de Science” is like a collection of stories. Beautiful stories that tell of living in all its freshness. But also in all its complications. A parenthesis to marvel at the treasures of the world. For this new episode, let’s meet a tiny animal that doesn’t let itself count: the goldfish-capped ground squirrel.

ground squirrel Coat Gold. Very strange name. But also for a strange little animal. a like a squirrel he’s so cute with the band door on your From, in little Style Chipmunk but larger – it measures up to 30 centimeters, but still weighs less than 400 grams – and without the scratches on the face. Without the very loud voices of Alvin’s companions, either!

The golden mantle ground squirrel lives in the forests of North America. And the least we can say is that he’s not the one very wild animal, The presence of men does not scare her. Even when he hopes to be able to gather some nuts to nibble on, he dares to look at it very closely. On the other hand, when a predator of the lynx, fox or coyote type shows itself, the small Squirrel Cries of alarm. To allow his rare companions – he is not known for his sociability – to take refuge under his bill.

Finally, to see the gold-strewn ground squirrels fluttering and wobbling among the trees, pausing for some, leaving for others, we could almost leave ourselves to imagine their distinct personalities. . Well, imagine that this is exactly what the researchers confirm! After watching them for over 30 years. And have also done some very innocent small experiments.

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This is because the test known as the Briggs Myers test does not apply to animals. It is used all over the world. Just to portray the personality of man. For animals, researchers will have to find other ways. For animals, because other than the golden-lipped ground squirrels have already shown distinct personalities. From mammals as much as insects or Pisces, Researchers explain this by genetic Or by different experiences or life strategies.

Ecological advantage or disadvantage?

Therefore, to assess the personality of an animal, researchers usually place it in a new environment. The idea is to be able to see how the animal will adapt, how much risk it will take or how fearful it will be when it encounters a new object. Our gold-skinned ground squirrels have performed four separate tests. They were placed in a closed box with grid lines and holes. them a. was also placed in the presence of Mirror In which they are unable to recognize their image. They were slowly approached to determine after how long they had fled. In the end, they were seen after being caught in a trap without risking their lives. Enough to bring out four personality traits: courage, aggression, level of activity, and sociability.

If researchers are interested animal personalityThis is because they believe it may have ecological consequences. Understand that a more hardy animal, for example, or a more aggressive one, may find more food or a larger area may be suitable. or perhaps, become more vulnerable to predators or even accidents,

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However, it appears that the most courageous golden-lipped ground squirrels actually benefit from larger areas of activity. Bold and active squirrels move fast. More courageous, more aggressive and more active individuals also enjoy better access to perches. This is important, because a little squirrel perched on a rock has a better view of its environment. Therefore it should be able to better identify and avoid predators. Note that access to perches is also preferred more sociable Golden-mantled ground squirrel.

The study of animal personality is still in its infancy. But this area looks interesting. Especially because it can bring us a little closer to nature. give birth toSympathy For these animals, which are certainly no different from us. And he’s definitely… not so stupid!

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