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It is the great return of “Spring of Science” this year. A week of raising awareness in the schools of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, which aims to give young people the desire to discover science in a fun way. This is the case these days of the establishment of the Haute cole de Louvain en Hainaut in Laverval.

Two workshops are offered this year

Exploring the world in all its forms is a topic chosen by the first year students of HELHA in Loverwal on the occasion of “Springtime of Sciences”. One week of awareness is intended for students of the first degree of secondary education.

“Again this year, Haute cole Louvain en Hainaut (Helha, Location of Laverval: Future Aggregation of Lower Secondary Education) is participating in the “Springtime of Sciences” which is Science Awareness Week at the Wallonia-Brussels Federation of Belgium. This In context, students of Bac 1 of the AESI classes in Science and Mathematics, together with their teachers, will propose two different activities that both fall under the common theme of 2022: “Exploration “. They are intended for students of the first level of secondary education (general, differentiated and specialized) and we have to register more than 500 students so far.Nathalie Degoseries, assistant professor in physics at HELHA, says.

And this year, one of the proposed workshops was titled: “Pirates Conquering the Seas”. Search…

The first workshops are called “Pirates Conquering the Seas.” Students go through small groups in various workshops to manipulate, experiment, model, play. They will also have to answer various questions, such as: How do dolphins locate their prey and their conspecifics? How does the marine ecosystem work? What are the effects of marine pollution on fauna and flora? What is an underwater volcano? » Nathalie Degoseries adds.

Another square another location, which takes us to the center of the world’s greatest scientific discoveries.

“The other workshops are entitled: “Great Scientific Discoveries in the World”. In small groups, students are inspired to traverse different countries to discover some of the greatest inventions, such as the microscope, rocket, compass, darkroom. They discover how these objects were invented, but also their usefulness, their functioning and their development over time.Says Thomas, a first year student in the AESI section in Science and Mathematics

In short, a good apprenticeship was put into practice in the “most beautiful job in the world” to arouse the curiosity and sensitivity of all these students.

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