Spread of Delta version in UK ‘great concern’, warns Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned on Saturday that the spread of the delta version of the coronavirus in the UK, which initially appeared in India, “very worrying», raising fears of a postponement of the lifting of previous anti-Covid restrictions.

«It is clear that the Indian version is more permeable and the cases and levels of hospitalization are increasingThe leader told Sky News on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Cornwall. “Now we do not know exactly to what extent this will translate into higher mortality.“He got angry,”But this is clearly a very worrying issue».

About 60% more contagious than the alpha version that appeared in England, the delta version is now dominant in the United Kingdom, the country most damaged in Europe by the pandemic with nearly 128,000 deaths.

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After a long winter confinement and a vigorous vaccination campaign, the government has gradually lifted the restrictions. The lifting of the latest measures (limits on gatherings and weddings, bar service, opening of nightclubs…), initially scheduled for 21 June, is threatened by a recent increase in contamination, which now exceeds 7,000 new per day. more than cases.

Less optimistic than at the beginning of the month on this lifting of June 21, the prime minister, however, confirmed that no decision had been taken at the moment, asking to wait for an official announcement scheduled for Monday.

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«We want to make sure this roadmap is irreversible“, He said,”But you can’t have an irreversible roadmap if you’re not willing to be careful.».

The statements come as several scientists have called for caution in the event of the spread of the delta variant.

«We really need to redouble our efforts and not lose all the gains gained from the tremendous efforts so far.“, imprinted immunologist Peter Openshaw on the BBC on Saturday morning. The British press is currently talking about a possible four-week postponement to completely lift restrictions, which worries some companies.

«Many pubs, restaurants and other establishments have died“Given a postponement,” Mark Littlewood, director of the neoliberal think tank Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), said in a statement.could deal the final blow to a region that relied on summer to make up for its losses“. According to him, a postponement would result in a loss of one billion pounds (1.17 billion euros) per week to the economy.

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