Sport England and Cake Agency celebrate the return of sporting activities in the UK

Although the independent body Sport England, created after the United Kingdom fiasco at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, has resumed the sport in the United Kingdom after easing sanctions related to the health crisis, is now launching a new campaign called #ReturnToPlay, To celebrate this new milestone in British life.

Led by communications agency Keck, which won the budget following a call for tenders, the campaign aims to inspire the nation to become more active through the practice of a sports activity, through the film below.

Films of this campaign have been designed, with a announced release schedule and restrictions beginning to be lifted. “Remind the population of their passion for the game” Through the emotional and physical benefits of sports activity.

The first of these films, titled “Return to Play – We Are Ready, When You Are”, was launched and taken in different stages before returning to the show, in Shakespearean language, so that Inspired by the English population to return to the game and they love the game, regardless of their age, background and ability.

“After such a year and such hardships, we wanted everyone to be able to realize the benefits of sports activity and an active lifestyle and the coming weeks and months would be important as the whole nation was again in the fray. Descends. Sports. “Ali Donley, Executive Director in charge of Digital, Marketing and Communications at Sport England.

“To encourage the population to return to practice, we wanted to choose an approach that blends both motivation and reassurance, and Cake Agency has been a complete success by giving us a campaign that will bring the rest of us Is completing the initiative of Subject. “

Cake Agency managing director Rosie Holden said: “At Cake, we know and understand the tremendous power of sports and physical activity on personal life and their role in society. Each employee within the agency has felt the effects of Kovid-19 and the uncertainty associated with this epidemic. As a result, staying active is not more important for our mental and physical health. “

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