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The new marketer for the Speedway Grand Prix, Discovery Sport Events, has presented his plans for the future. It aims to reach five times more fans over the next three years than ever before.

Discovery Group said the first goal was the sport’s media presence in order to give drivers a global profile. If manufacturers and engine brands are the driving force in many motorsport disciplines and provide fans with the opportunity to identify themselves with the team and sport through the brand, then this is nearly impossible in rail sports with prototypes from GM, Jawa and GTR. . . Therefore, the drivers themselves must be built into the brand.

The first step in this direction was made in 2014 by Martin Smolinski of Olching, who struggled to be allowed to compete with his number 84. What has long been common in road racing or motocross was unimaginable in rail sports until then. “Smöli” has managed to establish 84 as a brand in German rail sports. The Tai Wofind also uses its 108 as a distinguishing feature – Discovery would like to pick up on this development and thus increase the popularity of the drivers for years to come.

If Drift Stars is the sporty focus of the planned season from April to November, then in the winter there will be a documentary series, filmed throughout the year, which will give fans the opportunity to see behind the scenes of the World Cup season and thus to get the visuals. a deep insight. The expansion of TV and digital media presence is also aimed at increasing its popularity. Discovery Group will benefit from the existing TV network of Discovery and Eurosport channels. During the presentation, Discovery manager François Ribeiro also said that the speedway should be promoted during other sports broadcasts and should be developed in the same way.

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“Discovery Sport events will leverage Discovery Sports’ global reach to grow a global speedway audience through Discovery+, which will become our premium home for speedway fans,” said Ribeiro. “This should also be possible through domestic free-to-air channels owned by Eurosport and Discovery and covering important speedway markets such as Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Germany. Our goal is to have the sport within the next three years. further expand and five times the current global SGP viewership.”

In the second part, in a few days’ time on SPEEDWEEK.com, you can find out what fans can expect to go live on TV and in stadiums in the future, and how young drivers will be involved.

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