Spectacular photos show the Northern Lights shining in the UK as Brits have another chance to see the Northern Lights tonight

The Northern Lights put on a magical display in the UK last night – and Britons will have another chance to catch a glimpse of the spectacular Northern Lights tonight.

Just before midnight on Saturday, many cloudless areas saw glimmering colored waves.

Northern Lights as seen from Findhorn Beach, Moray, Scotlandcredit: Paul Scott / Triangle News
The magical northern lights as seen over Dunstenberg Castle in Northumberland on Saturday eveningcredit: bao media
Northern Lights over Belhaven Bridge in Dunbar, Scotland
Northern Lights over Belhaven Bridge in Dunbar, Scotlandcredits: PA

Stunning photographs taken in the Highlands, Northumberland and Belfast show the Northern Lights dancing in the skies over the UK.

This dissipation was caused by a solar flare – a burst of radiation – that emanated from the Sun on Thursday.

The solar storm interfered with Earth’s magnetosphere and created ideal conditions for the atmosphere to be illuminated in brilliant colors.

And depending on where you live in the UK, you may catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights again tonight.

Brits can be treated to a dazzling light show when a giant solar flare helps illuminate the sky, making it a spectacular Halloween feast.

The Met Office has said the increased geomagnetic activity will improve visibility to the north – but even people as far south as Norfolk stand a chance.

Large areas of color including green, pink, red, yellow, blue and purple are ready to light up the sky for another amazing display.

Scotland is the best place to see the lights, as it is the northernmost.

But northern England, northern Wales and northern Ireland often get very good exposure.

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Under the right conditions the lights can be seen all over the UK.

Tonight, the Met Office believes those who live in the far north of Scotland are in the best position to see the lights.

Skies should be generally clear, but rain and strong winds are expected, so sky watchers should be careful.

North-facing coasts offer some of the best views, forecasters say, but anywhere looking north will give you the best opportunities.

It is advisable to go out between 7 pm and 2 pm, but late in the evening any time you should catch a glimpse of the glow.

Cathel, an outdoor enthusiast from Wales, traveled with her family to Dunstenberg Castle to see the Northern Lights on Saturday night.

She shared a series of photos of herself and her family watching the spectacular spectacle over the sea.

She said: “What a night at #dunstanburghcastle to see meteors, aurora and stand under the blanket of stars above us… and the best part is I got a chance to share it with my elder, who insisted on coming Of! “

Islands photographer and videographer Farne Andrew Douglas also shared photos of Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland, illuminated with bright colours.

This phenomenon is caused by the scattering of electrically charged particles from the Sun into gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere.

This is often accompanied by a coronal mass ejection – otherwise known as a giant ejection of plasma from the Sun’s outer layer.

Stunning video shows solar flare that triggered Northern Lights display across the United States

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