Special Vaccination Day: “Le Soir” answers your questions

The largest vaccination campaign in modern history raises many questions. “Le Soir” answers all your questions.

LThis “Immunization Day” organized on Tuesday by “Le Soir” allows you to answer your (very) many questions and concerns.

Journalists who have lived and worked for months in epidemics, trials, border closures and then vaccination campaigns answer your questions, thanks to the expertise of immunologists, vaccinologists or experts in biomedical issues. He interviewed the best experts in his field, and delayed scientific studies and legal texts to give you decoding.

From 9 o’clock in the morning. Evening Answers to the questions you asked.

Throughout the day, you were able to follow a photographer and a reporter evening At the Pach├ęco Vaccination Center in Brussels.

In addition, the network of reporters evening Also provides you video decoding of vaccination strategies abroad. In India, Israel, United Kingdom and even Russia.

Topics addressed

When and how to get vaccinated?

– Understand everything about vaccine strategies

– Holidays, walks … Will the vaccine affect my rights?

Finally, two specialists, Muriel Moser, Immunologist and former Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Free University of Brussels (ULB) and Jean-Michel Doge, Director of the Department of Pharmacy at Namur University, with the agency Federal Medicines and Health’s Specialist Products (FAMHP) The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has also answered your questions by video.

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