“Sparkling Diamond Pokémon” and “Sparkling Pearl Pokémon”, from DS consoles to Switch

The generation marking the history of the Nintendo DS introduces itself Complete Overhaul on Nintendo Switch With “Sparkling Diamond Pokemon” and “Sparkling Pearl Pokemon”. Two games that see the light of day this Friday, November 19.

Apprentice Trainer in Sinoh area Dominated by Crown Mountain, you must choose your first ally among the iconic Turtipush, Oystickram and Tiploof, build the best Pokémon team and try to conquer the league held by the dreaded Cynthia. Your path to becoming the best trainer will take you to explore cities inspired by the island of Hokkaido in Japan, pitting you against Team Galaxy and its legendary leader and, of course, the legendary Dialga and Palkia, the mythology surrounding the Masters. I will immerse myself in of time and place.

For the occasion, Acès Direct invited “book” co-writer Alvin Hadden.Pokemon generation, more than 20 years of evolution“To review the history of this unique success story.

In this work, the authors retreat full story of the series, but also analyze the inner workings of the gameplay of the various episodes and, of course, come back to the reasons for this historical success.

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