Spanish Government Gives Home Delivery Status “Employee”

The Spanish government has adopted a decree to give “employee” status to food deliveries that work for various specific platforms.

This text, approved in the Council of Ministers on Tuesday, supports an agreement concluded on 10 March between Labor and Social Economy and social partners.

Home delivery people “are now employees and will be able to benefit from all the security”, indicated the vice-president of the government, Labor Minister Yolanda Diaz, as a result of this situation.

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“They have rights of organization, unionization, social security, contributions and salaries,” he said. Social security that they do not have today.

Under the decree, the labor code is now “thanks to this function thanks to algorithms that manage service or working conditions through digital platforms, to workers providing paid delivery services through performing companies” Wage recognizes the “presumption of employment”.

The text also provides that unions must “be aware of the rules governing algorithms and artificial intelligence systems, which may have an impact on working conditions”.

Companies will have three months to comply with this amendment of the Labor Code.

Thus Spain has become the first European Union country to give home delivery employees status.

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