Spain: The end of the heat wave, soon a fierce fire

Rescue work was still underway on Monday to try to contain a major wildfire in central-western Spain, where the mercury dropped slightly after an intense heat wave that saw absolute record temperatures.

A thousand rescuers, backed by air resources, were trying to douse the fire, which had a radius of 70 to 90 kilometers and destroyed at least 12,000 hectares and killed nearly a thousand residents this weekend. was taken out.

The “lack of air” and the work of emergency services made it possible to reach “a certain control over the periphery” of the fires that started on Saturday in Avila in Castile and León, about a hundred kilometers from Madrid. Juan Carlos Suarez-Quinón, environmental advisor for the region, explained at a news conference.

If climate conditions continue to improve, we should “stabilize” the situation today, he continued.

The Avila fire, like dozens of other medium-sized ones, is the result of a heat wave sweeping through Spain since Wednesday, with an unusually high temperature in Montoro in Andalusia (south) climbing to 47.4 degrees on Saturday, an absolute temperature record. Recorded in the country, according to the National Meteorological Agency (AEMET).

“The heat wave will end on Monday with a drop in temperatures across the country, except in the extreme south of Andalusia,” Ruben del Campo, a spokesman for the agency, told reporters.

“Despite this drop in temperatures, the risk of fires will remain high or extreme across the country on both Monday and Tuesday, with several days of heatwave drying up vegetation,” he warned.

In neighboring Portugal, high weekend temperatures, which exceeded 43 degrees in some areas, also caused several fires, almost all of which were controlled, except one in the tourist region of the Algarve (south), where several People were evacuated as a precaution. And where help continues to fight the flames.

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