Spain tests four-day week with 150 voluntary companies without loss of pay



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With a budget of 50 million euros, the Spanish government has launched a large-scale pilot experiment to assess the effects of a four-day week in companies participating in the trial… from the magazine “We, the Europeans” of 11 June Quote 2022.

The Delsol company, located among olive groves in Spain, specializes in the development of computer software. Tennis courts or swimming pools are not the only benefits a company offers to its employees. He established a four-day week for all without loss of pay. It is the first Spanish company to switch to four days in January 2020. A privilege for Laura Hidalgo, the mother responsible for training.

“It’s great! For me, working here is a gift because the working conditions are really great, She told the magazine ‘We, the Europeans’ (replay). I come on Mondays and Wednesdays and telecommute from home on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Fridays, I don’t work because my department is closed, but the work remains the same because what we did in five days should be done in four. We organize ourselves differently by making work a little more focused.”

“The well being of the employees can be seen in a very short time”

To get to the four-day week, the company had to hire twenty additional people and create rotations in the schedule. 420,000 Euro investment… which paid off very quickly: “There are two important indicators: the first is that the company continues to grow. We have grown our business by about 20% each year. And we have actually reduced absenteeism. At this point, it is unprecedented, very positive. Is”Welcomes Ana Arroyo, Head of Human Resources.

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Delsol’s experience has given ideas to the government, which is proposing that other companies test the formula defended in Congress by the left-wing Mass Peace Party. The project includes an envelope worth 50 million euros to help 150 volunteer companies: “We believe that the reduction in working hours has many implications such as the well-being of employees who see themselves in a very short period of time, Hector Tejero, the deputy of this party, explains. This change in company culture and its organization has other implications as well that may be interesting to follow in the long term. With the budget we have, it seems reasonable to start small with some companies, but follow through on the long term.”

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