Spain has about 6 million foreigners, including more than 823,000 Moroccans.

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08/11/2021 16:30

Spain had 5,922,196 foreigners at the end of June 2021, including 823,708 Moroccans, or 2% more than a year earlier, according to data from the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration published on Friday.

The ministry said women represent about 43% of the Moroccan community legally established in Spain, with 367,279 women.

According to the figures included in this figure, the average age of foreign residents in Spain is 40, and 48% are female. In addition, the most nationalities are Romania, Morocco, the United Kingdom, and Italy.

In this regard, the ministry states that fifteen nationalities represent approximately 75% of the total number of foreign residents in Spain and seven of them are the three main countries of origin of the European Union, Romania, Italy and Bulgaria. Foreign residents of the European Union.

The largest groups of third country citizens are citizens of Morocco, the United Kingdom, China, Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia.

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