Spain and Britain reach agreement on Gibraltar ahead of Brexit

Spain and the United Kingdom have reached an agreement on Gibraltar in view of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, which will be completed on 1 January 2021. Spain’s government has announced that smaller British excellence will leave the European Union, but it will always be more connected to Spain: Gibraltar will actually be included in the Schengen area, and therefore will not have much control over the border with Spain in the future.

A more closed border than present, which seemed a real possibility given the imminent exit of the United Kingdom, was expressed apprehension by the majority of residents, who voted in 2016 to remain in the European Union by a much larger majority Did – El Option received 95.9 percent of the vote – and they have a much greater commercial connection to the Spanish region.

It is not yet clear when the agreement will come into force: it will probably be included in the final text on the trade agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union which will be discussed by the European Union and the Council of the European Parliament in early January (then Until it will be) in force of the provisional version of the text).

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